A Week’s Worth of Weird

There’s always a lot happening here at Monte Cook Games — we’re always working on new things, putting out new products, coming up with new ideas… running into new glitches (like when the Torment: Tides of Numenera sneak peek gets released and our websites go down due to all the new eyeballs — hello new eyeballs!). So it seemed like it might be useful to make a weekly post where we put all things new and exciting for Monte Cook Games in a single place for easy access.

If you like it, we’ll keep doing it — most Fridays (unless we’re traveling or on a crazy deadline), we’ll give you goodies, update you on happenings, and reveal a new piece of art (or maybe even a new product!). So let us know if you like it, so we know whether to keep doing it. (We’re also working on a Subscribe button so that you can get all our of blog posts right in your inbox without having to do a thing.)

If you do like it, and we keep doing it, this thing is going to need a name: A cool, useful, fun name that tells people what the post is about but is also catchy and fun. Got an idea? Submit it on Twitter with the hashtag #WeeklyMCG. If we choose your idea, we’ll send you something cool from our private stash of MCG goodies.


  • Our ENnies Award sale ends today. Get a copy of the book that started it all for 25% off!
  • The Dark Spiral — our first adventure for The Strange — is now available for backers. We had a bit of a website glitch yesterday when our website got a little overloaded, but we’re working to fix things. If you’re a backer who got stuck in processing, not to worry, we’ll have the product to you soon!
  • You can pick up a preview of The Dark Spiral for free right now! The full 96-page product hits the website and games stores on September 24th.
  • Into the Violet Vale, our Numenera Gen Con adventure, came out this week as well. It’s a product full of weirdness and pre-made characters, great for a public pick-up game or as an addition to a longer session.
  • The Numenera Cypher Deck 2 will be out soon in both print-at-home and a print-on-demand versions. It features 100 new cypher cards and 20 new item cards, all from the Technology Compendium.
  • The Strange Bestiary is currently being proofed and will be out for purchase in November (earlier to Kickstarter backers). Expect a full preview next month, but for now, here’s a never-before-seen screenshot of the book. It is freaking gorgeous. I mean, seriously.



  • As I mentioned, Torment: Tides of Numenera (an upcoming video game based on Numenera and created by inXile) got its first reveal this week and it’s gorgeous. We have been actively involved in the worldbuilding and interaction systems in the game, so this game really feels like Numenera brought to the screen. (inXile is also the brain trust behind the beautiful Wasteland 2, which debuts this week).
  • Numenera made WIRED magazine as one of the things they’re obsessed with this month. Wow.
  • Bruce is currently flying to The Guild Hall in Savannah, GA for this game store’s grand opening celebration! The Guild Hall was a retail level backer of The Strange Kickstarter (even before the store was open!) and so Bruce is going there to help them celebrate, run games, and sign books. Go see them if you can!
  • Shanna (that’s me!) is running a Numenera game online next week — and anyone can come and watch (I believe you can also watch it after the fact, if you can’t make the time)! Come and watch — it’s going to be great fun!
  • The #badfoci hashtag on Twitter is pretty funny. Check it out and contribute if you have a little time to kill.


That’s all the weird from this end of the world! Hope you enjoyed it — and don’t forget to share this around if you like it. One of the biggest ways that we can grow as a company (read: put out even more awesome products!) is for our players to spread the word about us and our games. The more people who buy and play our stuff, the more games we can make for you!

Also, don’t forget: If you need us for anything or have questions, we’re right here.

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