Academic Intern—Spring 2023

Monte Cook Games is looking to welcome an academic intern for the Spring 2023 academic period to our creative, spirited, and innovative team! Is that you or someone you know?

This is a paid internship at a modest hourly rate; we anticipate 10ish hours of work per week. The intern will be considered a contractor. We give preferential consideration to applicants who will receive academic credit for the internship. Although it isn’t necessary, we may also give preferential consideration to applicants local to the Kansas City or Seattle areas. We strongly encourage applications from people who are members of underrepresented or marginalized groups.

Here are some of the traits we’re looking for in an academic intern:

  • Academic pursuit of a degree related to writing, graphic design and production, or game design, or to marketing or business administration but with a strong interest in the tabletop gaming community.
  • A wellspring of personal creative ideas that easily adapts itself to a variety of styles and needs.
  • Great communication skills, particularly the ability to produce written communications that are clear, charismatic, and grammatically correct.
  • A high degree of personal organization, and the ability to quickly understand and adapt to the processes and organizational structure of our company.
  • The ability to work effectively and reliably with a minimum of supervision.
  • A home office environment (or access to another work environment) that includes sufficient computer, software, and internet resources to conduct your work.

And here’s a breakdown of what you might be asked to do:

  • Assist the creative team with research, analysis, and possibly some writing, review, editing, or layout tasks (depending on your skills and academic program).
  • Assist with customer service and community management.
  • Assist with marketing activity, particularly with web content development and social media.
  • Attend one or more weekly meetings held online via videoconference.
  • Any of a million other tasks that arise during our busy work days!

To apply for this position, please send an email to [email protected] with the words “Application for Intern position” in your subject line. Include or attach these items to your email:

  • Your resume and an overview of your academic program; if you will get academic credit for this internship be sure to mention that.
  • A link to any work samples or a portfolio, if that’s relevant.
  • Three references.

Apply by November 30th, 2022

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