Cypher Chronicles, vol. 1-2019

Welcome to the future, friends. This new year promises a diverse array of new gaming goodness, new ways to play, and certain new friends to game with (including new game masters). Dive into a few exciting tidbits with me in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!

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Book M, with its slipcase and new cards, is making its way to our warehouses and soon into the hands of backers and pre-order customers!

The year 2019 is promising a ton of goodness that I can’t wait to see realized! Here are just some of the early releases I’m looking forward to:

  • No Thank You, Evil! is back in print, with new adventures coming in It’s Raining Cats & Dinosaurs! later on.
  • Invisible Sun will see new magic, spells, lore, luscious art, and more in the upcoming supplements Book M and Secrets of Silent Streets. 
  • New Numenera adventures (Slaves of the Machine God) and character options surrounding our beloved Order of Truth (Priests of the Aeons) have me pestering my roommate to get our Rayskel Cays campaign up and running.
  • Your Best Game Ever and the revised Cypher System Rulebook are going to pair beautifully as my guide to all things gaming: practical advice and tools to running and playing my absolute best game sessions, and those tools implemented in my very favorite game system. You can still pre-order Your Best Game Ever, the revised CSR, and all the other genre supplements and goodies from the Your Best Game Ever Kickstarter! I can’t wait for all the sci-fi goodness that will come in The Stars Are Fire. Cypher in spaaaaaace!

Invisible Sun Reprint BackerKit Closes Tonight

We were delighted to see that both Numenera Destiny and Invisible Sun were chosen as two of Game Informer’s top RPGs of 2018Invisible Sun got an in-depth writeup earlier in 2018 when it was still sold-out without hope for future copies. Fortunately, Kickstarter backers funded a reprint of the beautiful and complicated game product that is the Black Cube (along with a few more goodies, like an additional physical prop set).

The Invisible Sun reprint BackerKit closes tonight–if you know you’ll want a Black Cube, preordering is the best way to ensure that you get a copy from the limited reprint run.

New Gamemaster Month

New Gamemaster Month begins this coming Tuesday, January 8th! Take the GMing plunge for the first time yourself, or encourage some friends to try it out.

With this fifth annual New Gamemaster Month, the program is significantly expanded. You can learn to become a GM with guided instructions for Numenera, Unknown Armies, Trail of Cthulhu, and RuneQuest!

Sign up now to receive biweekly instructions when the program starts on January 8th. In the meantime, join the community on the Facebook Group.

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Darcy Ross
Darcy Ross

Darcy L. Ross, Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games, is a storyteller, scientist, and community organizer. Across media, she aims to highlight people doing good things in the gaming community and to bring new people into gaming. She co-hosts the podcast Cypher Speak, has blogged for the award-winning Gnome Stew, and has worked to support marginalized voices in gaming with ConTessa. Darcy lives in a small but powerful aldeia of tabletop creatives in Hyde Park, Chicago.