Cypher Chronicles, vol. 12-2018

Iadace and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

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You Could Be Facing the Most Feared Supervillian of our Age!

She froze the mayor’s family in liquid nitrogen, and terrorized the East Coast with her solar cannon. Now Doctor Dread has sent her Dread Corps commandos to the New York Museum of Art to steal a 3,000-year-old mummy with mystical properties, and it’s up to your superhero team to stop her.

Dread Expectations is a superpowered Instant Adventure for the Cypher System. If you’ve never run an Instant Adventure, here’s the best part: You can prep in the same ten minutes it takes your players to check out their pregenerated characters. It’s a complete adventure—everything you need for a full evening’s game session—that you can pick up and play as easily as a board game. So what are you waiting for—grab it now, and be playing in ten minutes!

We Sent a Bear Halfway Around the World—and Back!

Our art director, Bear Weiter, returned this week from a trip to Jiaxing, China (not too far from Shanghai), where he oversaw the final stages of production for Invisible Sun’s nearly 100 different components. You can catch all the details in our most recent Kickstarter updates, but the TL;DR is: He made there and back safely; Invisible Sun is heading into assembly and looking great; Jiaxing was beautiful and our hosts kind; and the food was great but sometimes required an adventurous spirit!

  • If you’ve read (played?) the Lone Wolf adventures, you’ll love these poster maps of 7 cities and three other locales from the books. If, like me, you haven’t read them—but you really like late-medieval-style maps—you still might want to jump on the Kickstarter.
  • Who can’t use more dice? And who can’t use a really cool box to store those dice in? This Elder Dice Kickstarter features both—and more—with some really cool Cthulhu mythos-themed dice.
  • Beautifully painted, highly articulated, scientifically accurate action figures—of dinosaurs? Ooooh, yeah. 15 different beasts of the Mesozoic, at 1/6 scale. And they’re all the colorful, feathery sort of deadly monster (or companion) perfect for your Predation game!
  • Roberto Pitturru (who illustrated that amazing superhero scene near the top of this article) pointed this out to us: A game convention in Uganda that, supported by crowdfunding, has been using board games and RPGs for education and to bring the outside world a little closer for kids and adults in remote villages.

  • Looking for some beautiful art? The Library of Congress released 2500 vintage Japanese woodblock prints in high-res digital format. Have a look—you’re sure to find something (perhaps many things!) you love.
  • The Ninth World isn’t the only place where dangerous creatures and autonomous machines find themselves in battle. In Australia, operators of agricultural and mapping drones are running into trouble with wedge-tailed eagles—which are fierce, very territorial, and apparently looking for cyphers!

If Dread Expectations wets your whistle for great Cypher System adventures—but you’re looking for something a little unusual—check out Assault on Singularity Base. This adventure takes up to six groups of players, simultaneously, in a space-opera attack on an Imperial secret weapon facility. Run it as a mega-event with as many as 36 players and seven GMs, or choose any of the individual team missions to run for a single gaming group. Pregenerated characters are included!

Charles Ryan
Charles Ryan

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