Cypher Chronicles, vol. 13-2021

It’s Shanna’s birthday today and we’re having a birthday party in the Darkest House . . . huzzah! Do you dare accept the invitation?

We’ve also heard one of the rooms of The Devoured Halls might be party themed, but with a dark twist, of course—rotting cake, tattered decorations, dust-covered gifts. Are you brave enough to explore it?

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Graphic header: News from MCG

The Darkest House Wants You

There are so many reasons you should get in on The Darkest House: it’s a whole new type of RPG product; it’s specifically made to add a cool, character-driven horror element to the game you’re currently playing, no matter what system or genre; your character and party will be deeper and more developed when (if?) they emerge from the house; it delivers to backers less than two months from now.

But if none of that has hooked you yet, words probably aren’t going to do it. How about some art? Here’s just a smidge of the art from The Darkest House. Have we mentioned that every single piece of art is “show ’em,” designed to share with your players? (And that the new product format makes sharing art, maps, sounds, and individualized messages super easy?)

Today is the final day for this Kickstarter. Have a look at this art. Then back The Darkest House!

Still Not Hooked?

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