Cypher Chronicles, vol. 14-2017

Iadace, and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

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  • Lawful Good Gaming is coordinating, hosting, and participating in tabletop gaming events (both online and in person) to help raise money for progressive charities, organizations, and causes.
  • Do you stream a recurring game of Numenera, The Strange, or the Cypher System? We’d like to mention it in Cypher Chronicles! Let us know about it at (submitting a recommendation does not guarantee publication).
  • The Reckless Deck was made to help artists think up what to draw, but could just as easily inspire the concept or appearance of your next PC, NPC, or creature.
  • Download, print, and assemble these paper models of famous horror houses.
  • James Harrison is just a regular guy whose blood antibodies have saved 2.4 million babies.
  • Clean the World recycles hotel soaps into hygiene kits for third-world countries to help reduce the spread of disease.


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Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds

Sean K Reynolds grew up in southern California. He’s been a webmaster, game designer, developer, freelancer-wrangler, and many other jobs that can’t be described in one or two words. He’s worked on a couple hundred books for a half a dozen RPGs, designed videogames, taught classes on game design, written plays and musicals, judged international talent-search contests, won game design awards, and had bit parts in geeky movies. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his four cats. Sean is the Community Relations Coordinator at Monte Cook Games.