Cypher Chronicles, vol. 15-2021

We take a peek into the Grave of the Machines and at a dark house under construction. Plus a fun game of Find that Lizard, some kitty cat dice, and a visit with an evil mastermind who may not be so evil after all. That and more in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!

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Enter the Grave of the Machines—If You Dare!

Strange creatures, perhaps mechanical, crawl along the inside of a huge mysterious cylinder.

Not quite a destroyed city and not quite an actual graveyard, the Lost City is haunted by half-broken machines and more frightening entities that have escaped from deeper regions below. Many who enter the Grave of the Machines never delve deeper than the Lost City, finding here all the treasure and danger they seek.

An elven explorer surveys a vast chamber, at the far end of which is a giant, spider-like construct.

But the Lost City, vast as it may be, is merely a foyer of sorts. Beyond it lies the Peerless Wheel, and beyond that bizarre structure—for those few brave souls able to navigate it—are even stranger realms. Vast areas filled with breathable water. A giant realm of walking machinelike creatures. And wonders even more strange.

Whispers speak of something even deeper. Something that has slumbered through eons, dreaming of destruction. Something angry—that is perhaps beginning to awaken…

A rogueish adventurer looks into a giant cave, in which a spinning device glows.

Where the Machines Wait is a 96-page mega-adventure for 5e characters of about 5th level—or your Numenera or Cypher System campaign. It details the Grave of the Machines. If you want an interesting place for your player characters to explore, look no further—the ruin is massive, unknown, and weird. It’s perfect for exploration. You can even break out the different regions and use them independently as stand-alone “dungeons.” Finally, there’s an arc story you can introduce at any point—or ignore altogether.

And it’s on preorder now!

Building the Darkest House

The Darkest House is under construction! We’re hard at work building this innovative new product, which delivers to backers next month. Above you can see just one of the six dozen rooms as it takes shape. On the left is the page as the GM sees it (the map is just a rough draft, and will be replaced by a much better-looking final map later in the construction process). On the right is the back end, where we’re entering the data on each item within the room. Look a little blurry? The house guards its secrets jealously, but all will be revealed when The Darkest House premiers next month.

If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t despair: BackerKit opens next week!

Graphic header: Recommendations
Dirt and gravel. Somewhere in this image is a very hard-to-see lizard!

Can you #FindThatLizard? Herpatologist Earyn McGee posts a Find That Lizard challenge every week—and they’re hard!

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Zoe Roth, but you’ve seen her face—all over the internet. Her 4-year-old face, anyway. She’s 21 now and, it turns out, not actually a gleeful child supervillain! This interesting article traces the origins of a famous meme and profiles Ms. Roth, now a college senior leading a reasonably normal life.

Various views of clear dice, each of which contains a black kitty cat.

Do you like dice? Do you like cats? Do you like RPG sessions run by fun, creative GMs? The Purryhedrals Kickstarter brings all of those things together with beautiful kitty cat dice, plus a backer level that includes an online game run by fantastic GMs—including our own LaTia Jacquise!

The Infinite Construct has a nice review—and discussion of the existential questions posed by its spoiler-within-a-spoiler—of Numenera: Liminal Shore. If you haven’t been following the Infinite Construct’s Numenera videos, you really should—they’re terrific!

A screen shot of the opening of a video, with the words The Infinite Construct.
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