Cypher Chronicles, vol. 16-2020

Inspired by dinosaurs and lush, digital islands, we return from break at MCG with links and pictures to delight and amaze! Read on for MCG news, updates, and recommendations.

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We’re back from a two-week break, batteries recharged and ready to get back to making games! Our entire team is happy to be hard at work: The Threshold and Beneath the Monolith are ready to go to the printer, We are All Mad Here is in the process of being laid out, Beasts of Flesh and Steel is in editing, and both Godforsaken and Where the Machines Wait are in the process of being written and designed.

Over the break, I started playing Animal Crossing—the world turning to spring outside my windows has been lovely, though inaccessible. Here on my island of Respite, I can order shrubs from Leif the sloth and garden to my heart’s delight!

This week, Shanna came to visit my island, and we ran around unsure of digital island etiquette:

While it’s no match for in-person hangouts, visiting in digital spaces does provide a certain kind of connection. Also, I was able to see Shanna’s adorable vest and tie, and show her around my hidden bamboo pathway! I’m hoping to schedule a visit to her island’s coffee shop next week.

#SplitTheParty Video Now on YouTube

Monte and I built blanket forts for a cozy #SplitTheParty hangout streamed live, and now uploaded to YouTube. Come watch it to hear about what we’re up to during lockdown, get media recommendations, and hear some writing advice.

Game On

If you’re feeling wanderlust and want to be immersed in a vibrant city filled with characters, the Ptolus BackerKit is still taking late pledges, and you can get a huge bundle of 3e PDFs delivered early!

We also have our ongoing deals related to shelter-in-place, and we hope it can help you game with loved ones virtually or in your home:

  • New to Numenera and the Cypher System? The Numenera Starter Set has everything you need to play—even dice! It’s 50% off at the MCG Shop for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Got kids? The entire No Thank You, Evil! line is also 50% off.
  • Can’t get together with your gaming group, but don’t know how to make the most of online gaming? Download the free preview of Your Best Game Ever. We’ve added the entire Playing Games Online chapter to the preview—so you get it for free!

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