Cypher Chronicles, vol. 16-2021

The Darkest House opens its doors once more, we’re helping you get a jump start on your Ptolus adventures, we learn about decoding the secret language of whales, and we find out that Tyrannosaurus rex might have been a pack hunter! It’s a fact-filled Cypher Chronicles this week!

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The Darkest House: BackerKit and Preorders are Open!

Illustration for The Darkest House by Roberto Pitturru. The image shows the rear of an older house with a walled garden at night under a waning, sickly-orange, gibbous moon. A trellis with a vine leads up to a second story window that is open with light coming from inside. The scene is mostly dark, but shapes and flowers can be made out in the garden.
From The Darkest House. Art by Roberto Pitturru.

BackerKit for The Darkest House is open! Backers should have received their surveys, through which you’re able to upgrade your pledge level if you wish (if you are a backer and you missed your survey, you can recover it here).

If you missed the Kickstarter, our BackerKit preorder store is open! This is your LAST CHANCE to gain access to The Devoured Halls, because once BackerKit closes, those doors also close . . . forever! Preorder now!

Ptolus is Just Over the Horizon!

We are getting closer and closer to putting the Cypher System and 5th Edition versions of Ptolus into your hands! Fulfillment has already begun for the print version of A Player’s Guide to Ptolus, which we made available to everyone in PDF form during the Kickstarter last year.

The image shows A Player's Guide to Ptolus open to the table of contents and introduction.
The first pages of A Player’s Guide to Ptolus.

A Player’s Guide to Ptolus is the perfect introduction to character building and city history so you’re ready to jump right into a campaign when your books arrive. The PDF is free and can be downloaded from the main page of the Kickstarter, and print copies are shipping to backers now. If you missed the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to purchase A Player’s Guide to Ptolus from the MCG Shop once we’ve fulfilled Kickstarter rewards.

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The image is of a round sticker created by John Kovalic. Around the outside of the sticker these words are written: I Got the Shot! I'm Doing My Part!. The center illustration (drawn by Kovalic) is of a person who resembles Rosie the Riveter with a bandaid on their arm at the approximate location one would receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

If you’re one of the fortunate people to have gotten your COVID-19 vaccination, but unfortunate enough to not have gotten a sticker, John Kovalic (illustrator of a little game called Munchkin and the creator/illustrator of Dork Tower) has you covered! You can pick up this awesome sticker from his shop for free (just pay $1 USD for shipping) and let everyone know you’re being safe!

Scientists have studied the behaviors and “language” of whales for decades, but now a concerted effort is being made to attempt to decode what these beasts of the deep are saying to each other.

Perhaps we should send them a copy of Into the Deep! (I’ll let you determine if “them” refers to the scientists or the sperm whales!)

Photograph of sperm whales swimming near the Caribbean nation of Dominica, communicate in clicks. Photograph by Brian Skerry.
Photograph by Brian Skerry
Photograph of the upper jaw of Teratophoneus collected from the “Rainbows & Unicorns Quarry” on Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Photograph by Alan Titus.
Photograph by Alan Titus

A paleontological dig at Utah’s Rainbows & Unicorns Quarry (what a great nickname!) in 2014 unearthed several individual tyrannosaur skeletons, suggesting that the solo predator may have actually been a family dino!

How great would it be to play No Thank You, Evil! as a family of T. rexes!?! We might try have to try it!

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