Cypher Chronicles, vol. 18-2019

Together at last, photos and news from the Monte Cook Games Summit!

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In uncharacteristically sunny and warm Seattle, Washington, the entire MCG team has gathered to reflect on the past year and prepare for 2020 and beyond! We’re also taking plenty of time to pet dogs, bond with our far-flung colleagues, and enjoy the lovely weather.

We’re still knee-deep in meetings and plotting, but we wanted to share a few pictures with you wonderful folks for Cypher Chronicles!

A first-off-the-press copy of Numenera Creature Deck 3 arrived for our evaluation and we all got to slobber over the pretty new monstrosities within.
Charles, Tammie, Bruce, and Monte playtesting material from The Stars Are Fire.
Sean, Shanna, Darcy, and Bear (not pictured) play shady folks turned into marginally shadier vampires, playtesting material from Stay Alive!.
Darcy discovered a new species of snail!
The entire team signed some gorgeous art prints of Arcana of the Ancients as prizes for an earlier Gleam raffle.

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