Cypher Chronicles, vol. 2021-30

In this issue of Cypher Chronicles, the Planebreaker sails on, we acquire an extended family, and we have very important shipping information for you! If you’re in the United States, Team MCG wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! We are taking the rest of the week off to be with our families, consume ridiculous amounts of food, and be thankful for each other and you all.

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And So, the Planebreaker Sails On…

Two explorers look over a massive wreck in the desert while the Planebreaker soars through the sky in the distance.

The Planebreaker sails on, carving a new path through our world as it heads to its next destination. The Kickstarter closed last Friday, and thanks to your overwhelming support, we’ll be making three books chock full of player options, planar monsters, magic items and cyphers, an adventure that introduces you to the Planebreaker itself, and worlds more!

Don’t fret, however, if you missed the Kickstarter; you can still make a late pledge through BackerKit to get these books for yourself, along with the gorgeous add-ons we have planned for this campaign!

(The BackerKit pledge management system and the BackerKit late pledge platform are two different things. BackerKit for managing your pledge will open the week of December 6th—don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it opens.)

…and an Alternate Appalachia Awaits.

Long before anything human roamed the Earth, the Appalachians towered tall and menacing. The mountains’ might was made a prison and tomb for beings of immeasurable malice and incomprehensible madness. A place to hold them; to keep them, perhaps forever, from dimming the light above.

But time shows no mercy, not even to mountains, and now they lay bare and worn like an old man’s spine. The walls of the prison grow thin, and those that have slumbered soundlessly for millennia begin to stir.

And they call to those who would hear them.

Did you miss our end-of-Kickstarter announcement? Coming in 2022, MCG joins forces with Steve Shell and Cam Collins to create the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game. We’re thrilled to be joining the Old Gods family, and can’t wait to explore the Green and Dark.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

The holidays are upon us and the time for gift-giving is at hand! We want your presents to get to your loved ones on time, and for gifts coming from the MCG shop, here are our recommended “order by” dates for estimated expected delivery before Christmas.


  • Media Mail: December 10th
  • First Class: December 13th
  • Priority Mail: December16th
  • Priority Mail Express: December 21st
  • Priority International: November 26th
  • Priority Express International: December 3rd


  • Home Delivery/Ground: December 13th
  • 2-Day: December 20th
  • Overnight: December 21st

We will do our utmost best to get your packages where they’re meant to go, but we also want to remind you that once these packages leave our hands, we have no control over them, so plan accordingly!

Speaking of holidays . . . watch this space on Friday for news of our Black Friday/Cypher Weekend Sale!

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Over the last five years, a trove of treasures has been washing up on the shores of the Musi River on the island of Sumatra. Archaeologists suspect that these amazing finds may be coming from a fabled kingdom called the Island of Gold, a civilization of untold wealth that mysteriously disappeared sometime in the 14th century.

The discovery also lends credence to the rumors that the island, also known as the Srivijaya empire, may have actually been a “waterworld,” a city built on the river that sank when the civilization ended.

Some of the treasures that have washed up along the Musi River.

Reach of the Roach God is a beautifully illustrated, system-neutral TTRPG that is a part of A Thousand Thousand Islands, a southeast Asian fantasy worldbuilding project created and designed by southeast Asians.

Reach of the Roach God boasts three starter adventures, three cave-dwelling cultures, the backbone for a full adventure campaign, and more. The art is gorgeous, the premise is fascinating and intriguing, and though the campaign is fully funded, their stretch goals only serve to make the book better.

You can back Reach of the Roach God now on Kickstarter.

Reach of the Roach God by Century Games

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Tweet from @catwhowalks99: “I’ve always got my @MonteCookGames Numenera core books handy, but ARM my expansion books are in storage. Tonight, though, I’ll run a very special game, and so I pulled out Priests of the Aeons, by @seankreynolds… and man, this book is even MORE awesome than I remember!”

[Image Description: The front cover of the Priests of the Aeons book by Monte Cook Games.]
Tweet from @oldgodspod: “Family, it’s been a long road filled with more potholes than the back end of Esau County, but without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with @MonteCookGames to produce the OGoA TTRPG! Sign up for Kickstarter notifications:”

[Image Description: A book with the Old Gods of Appalachia logo over a dim lantern is on a table with candles, dice, and other paraphernalia. Text on the right of the image reads: “In 2022, the Dark follows you home… DeepNerd Media and Monte Cook Games proudly present Old Gods of Appalachia, a roleplaying game of the Green, the Dark, and things even more ancient. Coming to Kickstarter in Early 2022.” The logos of DeepNerd Media, Monte Cook Games, and the Cypher System are beneath.]

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