Cypher Chronicles, vol. 2022-01

Happy New Year, everyone! The beginning of 2022 is pretty quiet for us here at MCG—we’re all heads down, happily working on our projects. We have a few important reminders for you to kick off the new year, as well as some fun recommendations from the team!

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Graphic header: News from MCG

Holiday Gift Was a Grand Success!

Thanks to your generous use of our 2021 Holiday Gift coupon, we were able to donate over $1,000 to The Trevor Project, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Rainforest Foundation US! Your support is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for helping us contribute to these wonderful causes.

Planebreaker Preorders Are Still Open!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely already onboard the path of the Planebreaker, but just in case that cosmic moon passed you by, preorders are still open! Choose whether you’d like to traverse the planes in 5th Edition or Cypher System (or both, if you’re that adventurous), and preorder your copies to get them before they hit retail shelves. Head over to the preorder store now!

New Gamemaster Month Is Going Strong!

We’re halfway through New Gamemaster Month, our annual month-long foray for new GMs to prep and run their first game session in one of six game systems by the beginning of February!

By now we’ve covered topics such as initial planning, setting and rules of your chosen system, and how to take these lessons to the virtual table. Even though we’re halfway through, it’s not too late to join the discussion and take the plunge!

Find out everything you need to know at and join us in our Facebook and Discord groups for support and advice from your fellow prospective GMs as well as seasoned game masters!

Getting the Jump on the 2022 Convention Season!

2021 saw us return to the convention floor, and with any luck, 2022 will see us back again! We are always looking for excited GMs to run games and demos at any convention we attend, and this year is no exception.

We’re planning to attend Gen Con, Origins Game Fair, and Gamehole Con, and we’d love to have your assistance. Running games for us at conventions gets you all sorts of awesome perks, including hanging out with the MCG crew, goodie bags full of awesome items you won’t find in our store, and even a complimentary badge to the convention!

If you’re planning to attend any of these conventions and would like to lend us a hand, fill out our GM Interest Surveys!

Graphic header: Recommendations

This week’s recommendations come from the MCG team! Over the holiday break, we found a lot of joy in new TV shows, music, games, and other great ways to pass our time, and we thought we’d share those with you!

  • From LaTia: “Like many frequent Twitter users, I was confused by the mysterious yellow and green squares popping up on my timeline. Once I figured out what was going on there, I joined the Wordle gang. Because I’m a night owl, I do my puzzles right at midnight. It reminds me that there are way more 5-letter words out there than I realized!”
  • From Teri: “I cannot recommend Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) enough. If you liked the juxtaposition of comedy, horror, and action of shows like Buffy or Angel, you’ll probably like Demon Slayer. New episodes are coming out of Japan now, but the first season is on Netflix.” (Content Warning: there are graphic depictions of bloody/gory violence.)
  • Jennifer recommends “tick, tick… BOOM!” which is also available to watch on Netflix. “It’s about the life of Jonathan Larson (creator of Rent) and is really fantastic with a TON of cameos from Broadway stars, if you’re into that sort of thing—which I am.”
  • Station Eleven comes highly recommended from Monte: “Station Eleven is a television show so carefully constructed—based on an equally well-crafted book—that it sometimes would take my breath away. Stories within stories, looping plot lines, and incredibly complex characters all woven together to tell a story that’s about grief but also about the value of art and stories. Oh, and did I mention it’s all a post-apocalyptic story?”
  • Shanna turned to video games over the break, looking for games with cute and cozy vibes. “The two that I adored were Wytchwood, a gothic fairytale game where you play as a witch running around and collecting souls, and Graveyard Keeper, a hysterical and dark cemetery management game that has tons of layers and discoveries. It is the very definition of gallows humor. (Some CWs for on both of these, so check them out before you jump in with both feet.)”
  • On a recommendation, Bruce read a mystery by Louise Penny called Still Life. “I thought it was fabulous! And it turns out, there are several more books starring the Canadian detective called Gamache, plus some other recurring characters. A great change of pace. (I’m normally not a fan of third person omniscient, where we can dive into the thoughts of two or more people present in the scene at the same time. But here it worked!)”
  • Charles and Tammie went on an international media binge, watching films like The Whole Truth (Thai) and TV shows like The Silent Sea (Korean), Katla (Icelandic), The Chestnut Man (Danish), and The Woods (Polish).  (Some CWs for these shows, so check them out before you press play.)”These were hardly the first foreign shows or movies we’ve seen, but it’s super cool to see such an abundance of good stuff emerging from around the globe!” —Charles
    “The acting in The Woods is great—definitely want to see more shows with these actors. Plus I learned about an American author I was previously unfamiliar with—Harlan Coben. Definitely going to check out more of his work.” —Tammie
  • Like Shanna, Bear also indulged his gamer side: “I played through White Shadows on my PlayStation over break. It’s very much in the vein of Inside (another game I loved), where it’s a moody, black-and-white platformer that doesn’t feel like a platformer, with dark, quirky story. It was weird, fun, and beautiful. I also started playing Little Nightmares II, another dark, creepy platformer that’s very much my vibe.
  • Sean very much enjoyed the Netflix series Dark and the second season of The Witcher.

What media are you enjoying? Tell us about it on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

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