Cypher Chronicles, vol. 23-2017

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MCG News

  • Take your No Thank You, Evil! adventures to the next level with Uh-Oh, Monsters!, available for pre-order now through the MCG Shop. This expansion is packed with four new adventures, nearly fifty new creatures, advice on making your own monsters, details on the Monster Museum, and new companions and character options.

  • Got plans for June 17th? No? Grab some friends who’ve never played Numenera and head over to your FLGS (friendly local game store) for FreeRPGDay! Our contribution is called The Spire of the Hunting Sound, written by Dennis Detwiller, and you don’t want to miss playing in this adventure. Use this handy locator to find a participating store near you.


  • “Because if there was anything I was sure of, it was that Invisible Sun characters don’t go on adventures. At least, not in the way that adventures are typically presented.” There’s a new Invisible Sun Design Diary from Monte to add to your weekend reading list.

  • Check out the latest Cypher Speak podcast, where hosts Darcy Ross and Troy Pichelman interview Shanna about Predation, and they talk about cybernetic creatures, art, diversity, cultures, festivals, new GMs, and more!


  • Conan: Rise of Monsters (Relaunch) by Pulposaurus Entertainment: King Conan and the Circle of Iron stand against Thoth-Amon’s rising Legion of Set!
  • The Unadoptables by Margaret Chiavetta: A comic about adorably unadoptable cats living at a cat cafe that’s owned by a big dude with an inner cat lady.
  • Tiktaalik Plushie – a new Paleozoic Pal by Paleontological Research Institution: Tiktaalik roseae, the “fishapod” that first crawled from water to land – a new plush fossil in PRI’s Paleozoic Pals collection.

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