Cypher Chronicles, vol. 24-2017

Iadace, and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

MCG News

Illustration by Cathy Wilkins
  • We’re very excited to share that No Thank You, Evil! is being translated into Dutch, and the translators are fundraising on Kickstarter right now. Please spread the word about RPG voor kinderen : Geen Monsters onder m’n Bed, and help the campaign be outstandingly successful!
  • Perhaps you’ve already read Charles’s article about our new(ish) warehouse, but did you know the recent reorganization unearthed some excess product and cool promotional bits? Hmm, now what should we do with the excess product and cool promotional bits? How about a Warehouse Sale! From now through Sunday, July 2nd, all print products (not including pre-orders) are on sale in the MCG Shop, and we’ll throw in a free grab bag of cool freebies with every domestic US order containing print products. Read MCG Got a New Warehouse, and All I Got Was—MASSIVE SAVINGS AND COOL FREE STUFF! to get all the particulars on the sale.

Illustration by Ralph Lomotan


  • Jay Longino, a friend of Charles’s and Tammie’s from their days at Last Unicorn Games, is releasing an original graphic novel this fall called Son of Shaolin. This kung fu epic is set in the back alleys and subway tunnels of Harlem, and follows Kyrie, an aspiring street artist who is struggling to make ends meet, as he learns he is the last living descendant of a secret sect of ancient Shaolin Elders. Check out Son of Shaolin on Facebook to get a glimpse at some of the amazing art created for this book by Caanan White, who also worked on some of the art for Ptolus: City by the Spire limited graphic novel series. You can pre-order Son of Shaolin for 48% off the cover price now on Amazon.
  • Starship Awesome 3000, by Matt Chapman: “A Tactical Table-top Starship Combat Game for 2-4 players, inspired by old-school space sims. Plays in ~45 mins with ∅ pregame prep.”
  • Atlas Animalia – A book of monster variants, by Andreas Walters: “From the creators of the BabyBestiary, explore monster variants like you’ve never seen before! Includes statbooks for 5e and Pathfinder.”

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Tammie Webb Ryan
Tammie Webb Ryan

Tammie Webb Ryan entered the game industry as a playtester for the first edition of Pinnacle Entertainment’s Deadlands, and has since worked at Last Unicorn Games and Wizards of the Coast, and as a freelance editor. Tammie is the Administrative Manager for Monte Cook Games.