Cypher Chronicles, vol. 28-2019

A very Numenera Cypher Chronicles awaits you. A brand new Numenera stream with an exciting premise is launching tonight at 4 p.m. Pacific on Tablestory: Simulacrum. Watch live with us, and enter their raffle to win a Numenera Discovery and Destiny Slipcase Set.

Plus, Darcy explains why she adores Numenera setting material the most as a GM and is over-the-green-banded-moon about the upcoming Liminal Shores Kickstarter. In our recommended links section, you’ll get hype about larvae and a cool gaming newsletter.

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One of the most valuable assets as a Numenera GM is inspiration for a weird, wild setting. The mechanics of the Cypher System take a lot off of the GM, helped further by my use of decks like the Cypher Decks, XP Deck, and Creature Decks. What remains? All the work of storytelling, checking in with players, and keeping that setting weird.

Now, I’m a marine biologist—I can get you some weird stuff. The trick is finding new kinds of weird and avoiding the first thing that comes to mind (which often will be something you’ve used before). When I prep, I love diving into setting material for Numenera. The books have beautiful art, maps, and new weirdness to keep my game fresh and take my players to new places.

I’m thrilled that we’ll be taking the Ninth World to some really wild new places with upcoming Kickstarter Liminal Shores! It launches Tuesday, August 13th, and will feature these three hardcover books:

  • Voices of the Datasphere opens up a whole new aspect of game play, as characters explore the reaches of the datasphere.
  • Liminal Shore offers a new land in the Ninth World, discovered only through clues found in the datasphere. What new people live there? What wonders do they command? What secrets can they reveal about the mysterious prior worlds? Do they have cyphers and artifacts never before seen by anyone from the Steadfast or the Beyond?
  • Edge of the Sun brings us a jaw-dropping, entirely new adventuring locale out in the infinite void, and thrilling, epic adventures that potentially affect the entirety of the Ninth World itself.

Share your excitement with the hashtag #LiminalShores! We can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

A new Numenera stream begins tonight at 4 p.m. Pacific: Simulacrum by Tablestory. The premise of this show is unique and an amazing reveal, so while I won’t spoil the details, I can tell you that I’ve spoken with GM Wacksteven and player Pumpkinberry and they have some wild ideas that are going to be amazing to discover. The GM is also keeping many of these ideas secret from the players, so get ready for a rollercoaster of surprises.

To celebrate, they’re doing a raffle of the ENnie Award nominated Numenera Discovery and Destiny Slipcase Set! Enter the giveaway here.

Monte scaring the ever-loving heck out of Darcy at our live show of The Raven Wants What You Have at Gen Con 2018.

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  • I was reading this really cool post on larval forms across animals and learned that the word “larva” in Latin means “evil spirit, ghost, or mask.” Invertebrate larvae absolutely blow my mind, and few capture their majesty better than Rafael Marine Microfauna on Twitter. His videos consistently spark joy! Guess which adult animal this little guy will grow up to be:

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