Cypher Chronicles, vol. 29-2016

Iadace, and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

  • Escape the Shadow of the real world and find the Invisible Sun. Enter a new Actuality of surreal fantasy where mystical characters wield fabulous powers and struggle to discover the secrets of true existence. Our Kickstarter for this unique and wondrous new game launches Monday morning (August 15th)!
Illustration by Roberto Pitturru, animation by Bear Weiter
Illustration by Jason Engle
Illustration by Jason Engle
  • Gen Con 2016 was amazing. Thank you to everyone who supported us, volunteered for us, visited with us…you rock our world! As Bruce recently wrote, you energize us and we heart you for it.

Gen Con

  • The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards ceremony was held on the evening of August 5th, and we were tremendously honored to receive two gold ENnies. The ENnie judges and voters selected No Thank You, Evil! for the gold ENnie in the Best Family Game category, and the Numenera Boxed Set Edition: Reliquary for the gold ENnie in the Best Production Values category. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It means the world to us that you love what we are doing, and it inspires us to keep creating. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!



  • Due to traveling, Gen Con, moving all the MCG Shop inventory out of storage and into our new mini-warehouse (huzzah!), plus loads of other stuff you don’t want to hear about (like a broken rib–I’m looking at you, Charles, con-crud, first day of school for the kids, and out-of-control to-do lists) we are behind on answering customer queries and shipping orders. We will work through the weekend to rectify this and ensure you receive the service you deserve. In the meantime, here are some photos to enjoy.

College Hunks Moving MCG Warehouse



  • Things are progressing with our UK shipping center, but are moving more slowly than we’d like them to. But look…how cool is this?!? A letter from Her Majesty, postmarked from Malta, arrived while we were at Gen Con. It appears (fingers crossed!) that we need to jump through only a few more hoops and our UK shipping center will be up and running. We’re sorry we can’t give you an opening date for the UK shipping center at this time, but getting it up and running is a priority, and you’ll hear us shouting from the mountain tops when it opens.

Version 2

Crowdfunding Campaigns and Other Things We Love

  • John Kovalic is doing it again! That’s right, it’s time for Insane Charity Bike Ride 2016. Help John raise money to provide healthy food to low-income families and get some great dork-y swag for yourself!
  • Are you a horrible person who loves cats? Then you should buy Cats Against the World, an expansion for Cards Against Humanity. Feel horrible about yourself while helping to improve the lives of homeless and sick cats in Southern California.
  • THE SIOUX CHEF: A Native American Restaurant, by The Sioux Chef™️: “Help us create the first fully Indigenous restaurant experience, featuring healthy local Indigenous Foods & Native American culture!”
  • Electrum Campaign Coins, by Campaign Coins: “Wicked black metal coins for fantasy and horror tabletop games.”
  • Worldographer: Hexographer 2 – Easy Map/World Creator, by Inkwell Ideas: “New version of the popular world mapping software! New/updated features: better child maps, undo/redo, line/text tools, note generator.”
  • Bryt Socks 2.0: The Ultimate Colorful Socks, by Bryt: “25 unique sock designs crafted by 8 proven features. Not for the faint hearted. International backers receive an additional pair free.”
  • Bones of the Coast – A Comic Anthology of West Coast Horror, by Cloudscape Comics: “Bones of the Coast is a 220-page full-colour comic anthology of horror inspired by the Pacific Northwest, featuring indie cartoonists!”
  • Si Spencer is creating a non-gender, non-sexuality specific novel about “scary funny hurty love.” Follow the progress on Patreon.

Get Inspired

  • A puzzle book with only five pages should be simple to solve, right? Maybe not. Check out Brady Whitney’s beautiful, complex Codex Silenda.
  • Watch the first test flight of a real-life glider modeled after a flying device that appears in Hayao Miyazaki’s manga and anime, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
  • What can grow up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall, stink like rotted flesh, and draw a large crowd eager to see and smell it? The Amorphophallus titanum at the New York Botanical Garden.
  • What are these cryptic structures made of berms of piled rocks and earth that stretch in spidery geometric patterns across the Ustyurt Plateau of Uzbekistan?

Inspire Us

Got something you’d like to see published in Cypher Chronicles next week? A cool blog post you’ve written about our games, scientific news that inspires your The Strange campaign, an Atlas Obscura photo that makes you dream of the Ninth World, a Kickstarter campaign that kindles your imagination, a charity event near and dear to your heart…share whatever you think would inspire Team MCG and would also be a good fit for Cypher Chronicles. Send your recommendations to (submitting a recommendation does not guarantee publication).


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Tammie Webb Ryan
Tammie Webb Ryan

Tammie Webb Ryan entered the game industry as a playtester for the first edition of Pinnacle Entertainment’s Deadlands, and has since worked at Last Unicorn Games and Wizards of the Coast, and as a freelance editor. Tammie is the Administrative Manager for Monte Cook Games.