Cypher Chronicles, vol. 33-2018 – A Love Letter

Parting is such sweet sorrow–Darcy writes a love letter to RPGs as we close out the Your Best Game Ever Kickstarter today, but we look forward to all the great gaming that will be coming our way!

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Your Best Game Ever is ending today after an incredibly exciting campaign, and it’s given me a lot of feels about this hobby I so adore.

Role-playing games incorporate a vast array of skillsets. As players we each perform the roles of writers, performers, and audience all in one, pushing and pulling and offering the spotlight and narrative control.

One of the features I find most magical about this medium is its unending potential for growth and improvement. There will never come a day when I’ve mastered the craft of RPGs! There will always be another hill to climb, a new tactic to try, a better understanding of how to make the game the most fun for myself or another player.

Whether you’re new or experienced, whether you like games about charming forest spirits or about grimdark fascism, every RPG player can share the feeling of getting better, wanting to improve, and basking in those truly great gaming moments. That’s what Your Best Game Ever is about, to me, and why I’m so excited backers have helped us fund it.

I want to see Your Best Game Ever become a major part of the shared language between gamers.

If you’re like me, and you get kinda sappy when you think about this wonderful hobby of ours, tell a friend about it. I want to see Your Best Game Ever become a major part of the shared language between gamers–let’s discuss all the ways we can have our best games ever, more often!

And my fellow Cypher System fans, there is a ridiculous amount of great Cypher content coming out of this Kickstarter–if you’re like me, you’ll Want It All:

SO MANY BOOKS! We even funded an audiobook of Your Best Game Ever! Don’t miss out on this getting-sort-of-absurdly-good deal!

Matt Colville On Being A Good Player

Your Best Game Ever has a long lineup of consulting experts, including the fantastic Matt Colville! Matt’s YouTube videos often focus on gamemastery, but he did a video on player craft this week. Check it out, and get a sense of the advice he’ll be bringing to the project!

We have a wild lineup of streamed games you’ll want to check up in the coming week! We’ll be hosting as many of these as we can on our MCG Twitch channel, or you can watch them on the native channels!

Here’s the full schedule (times in PDT):


• 4 p.m. on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel
Callisto 6 episode 2, the new Geek & Sundry Cypher System show.

Callisto 6 is set in a superheroes and cyberpunk custom world, GM’d by Eric Campbell, one of the consulting experts of Your Best Game Ever! Read more about Callisto 6. You can catch episode 1 by subscribing either to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel (Amazon Prime members get a free subscription per month!) or their Project Alpha.


• 9 a.m. on Hans Chun’s Twitch channel
A Numenera one-shot!

• 4 p.m. on the MCG Twitch channel
Thunder on the Mountain, a Numenera one-shot by Marsie Vellan (GM of the Owl of Lysia).

• 5:30 p.m. on Sir Lucien’s Twitch channel
Rogue Signals, a Predation game!


• 8 a.m. on the Quest Friends Twitch channel
Visions of a Ninth World, a Numenera actual play GM roundtable. Come ask questions of the GMs of Numenera actual plays! The Amber Clave, Fandible, The RPG Lab, and Quest Friends will be representing. Check out this tweet and send in your questions!

• 9 a.m. on MCG Twitch channel
Legend of the Dino-Swords, a Cypher System one-shot by GM Grant Ellis!

Next Friday, August 31st

• 7 p.m. on the MCG Twitch channel
The Truth Bleeds at Twilight, session 3 of the new Invisible Sun streamed narrative. Read more on this new show.

  • Bear brings us Ashes and Entropy: cosmic horror and noir – what’s not to love? Check out this illustrated anthology from the award-winning Nightscape Press.
  • I was mesmerized by these 8-bit animated landscapes! I haven’t figured out how to bring them into my tabletop games yet, but I’m sure I will. Check out the whole Twitter thread!

  • ALIENS! Okay, so I’m a biologist, and I love how much the truth can be stranger than fiction. Look at these fantastic images of freaky lobster babies taking a joyride slash feast on some jellyfish! I love that they’re both translucent in their own uniquely horrifying ways. Isn’t nature magical?

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