Cypher Chronicles, vol. 37-2020

We venture into the Godforsaken lands. And look at some incredible artwork that mashes up Tintin with Edward Hopper. Plus a cool followup to Tales from the Loop, and more! All in this week’s Cypher Chronicles.

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Venture into the Godforsaken Lands—If You Dare!

Bontherre—the Blessed Land. A green and pleasant place. Almost, some say, a paradise, as the power of its loving gods nurtures, protects, and provides.

But there are lands beyond, where the power of the gods cannot reach. These places are the Godforsaken Lands. Dangerous and strange, only the bravest and most capable souls from Bontherre dare venture there. But those regions hold wealth and magic not found in the Blessed Land, and those who do go and come back are admired, idolized, and often fabulously wealthy.

But, just as often, they don’t come back.

Bontherre and, more importantly, the Godforsaken Lands beyond its sheltering cradle, are the setting in Godforsaken, our new sourcebook for the Cypher System that covers all things fantasy. Like The Stars Are Fire, Stay Alive!, and We Are All Mad Here, Godforsaken includes its own setting and adventures, but covers the general topic from all angles. Are you inspired by the classic high fantasy of Tolkien, Zelazny, or Jordan? Modern fantasy like the Harry Potter series, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Paranormal romance? The whimsy of settings like Discworld or The Dark Crystal? Wuxia, swords and sorcery, or gritty, low-magic settings? Godforsaken covers it all in wonderful detail and the inimitable styles of Monte and Sean.

Take a look Inside!

A new playable species, a new creature, and almost a dozen new fantasy artifacts. The free preview of Godforsaken is practically a mini-sourcebook all on its own. Actually, forget the “practically” part—this is all content you can use, in your games, right now. And it’s free to download in the 19-page PDF!

Preorders for Godforsaken are now open, so if you like what you see, place your preorder now. Preorders ship two to three weeks ahead of street date (right after Kickstarter fulfillment)!

If you like the work of Edward Hopper (most famous for Nighthawks, but The Lighthouse at Two Lights is my favorite) and the tales of Tintin, famous boy reporter (also a lifelong favorite of mine) you’ll love these mashups by Xavier Marabout. They run a bit—erm—sexier that either Hopper or Hergé leaned, but they’re still pretty fantastic. Here are just a few—check out the artist’s gallery for a whole lot more!

  • If, like us, you’re a big fan of Simon Stålenhag and his series of books that launched with Tales From the Loop, check out his current Kickstarter for The Labyrinth. This beautiful dystopian narrative artbook looks like an ideal book to settle in with on a grey winter’s day, and it promises to deliver ahead of the holidays!
  • If scary movies make you squirm, perhaps it would help to cuddle up to your very own dragon plushie from Dragons and Beasties. And if plushies aren’t your thing, check out their awesome paint your own dragon figure—a great Godforsaken shelf accessory!
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