Cypher Chronicles, vol. 4-2017

Iadace and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

MCG News

  • The glimmer Numenera: Strand brings the wonders of the short film to your gaming table. Become a drifter exploring the Nacreous Strand.
  • It’s time for new gamemasters to shine! The final session of the New Gamemaster Month program is up, and in it, Charles talks about bringing your players’ characters to life.
  • Redemption emails for Into the Outside (PDF, print, poster map, and autographed bookplate) from the Numenera: Into the Ninth World Kickstarter campaign were sent to backers on February 2nd. The cypher we used for the transmission malfunctioned and caused two issues:
    • One of the messages was misrouted. We think this is all cleared up now. If you backed this campaign at the EBOOK LOVER level, you can use this link to redeem your reward.
    • The PDF poster map was missing. It is now attached to the product file. If you’ve already redeemed your PDF reward of Into the Outside, please return to the MCG Shop and download the file again, and your PDF poster map will appear.

  • Do you have friends who are curious about Numenera, but haven’t taken the plunge? Get them involved in Cypher Play: Numenera Season 2. If there isn’t a FLGS running Cypher Play: Numenera Season 2 near you, make sure your FLGS knows about Cypher Play.

Get Inspired

  • We adore this trailer for Colossal, and think it is excellent inspiration for a Cypher System adventure.
  • Don’t miss part 2 of Renegade Octopus’s comprehensive roundup of Into the Outside.
  • The Nevertold Casket Company purports to be purveyors of haunted goods, or as they say, “…strange objects and oddities and things that make one feel delightfully uncomfortable.” Hmmm, I wonder if they keep artifacts in their storeroom?
  • A new form of matter has been discovered—time crystals. Need more be said?


Inspire Us

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