Cypher Chronicles, vol. 4-2021

Kudos to new GMs everywhere, a ton of great art from dangerously close to our sun, and strange messages from a dark house: that’s just a taste of the fun news and great recommendations we have for you in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!

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News from MCG

“It Does Not Disappoint”

Edge of the Sun is a really innovative book—a book that takes the mind-blowing concepts of Numenera to a new and utterly compelling level. Don’t take our word for it: check out the recent review over at Angel’s Citadel, where they say, among other things, that it “is as weird as the Ninth World itself but couched in a technological glory that will have science fiction fans rejoicing.”

Preorders for Edge of the Sun are shipping now, so place your order to get it right away. Don’t wait—preorders are only open for a few more days!

And in the off chance that you need any more convincing, here’s a look at some of the stunning art in this great book. Click through to see the pieces in all their glory!

Ptolus Preorders Offer Great Deals

Curious about Ptolus but haven’t had the chance to check it out? You don’t want to miss the preorder deals—these won’t be around forever!

The 672-page Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire for 5e in hardcover

Get Both PDFs for Free!

Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire releases in April 2021. Order now—either the Cypher System or 5e version, and get Ptolus in PDF, in both versions, for free with your print copy. That’s a $60 $120 value! Plus preorders ship ahead of street date.

A Ptolus-Sized Bundle Deal

Ptolus is a city of almost limitless adventure. Save $28 and make the most of your campaign with this fantastic bundle:

  • Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire in print (and get both the 5e and CS PDFs for free as part of your preorder!).
  • Five copies of A Player’s Guide to Ptolus—enough for a whole party!
  • A pack of five Ptolus Character Portfolios.
  • The Ptolus GM Screen.
An image render of all items in the bundle
Fell creatures take to the streets of Ptolus

Welcome New GMs to the Fold!

New Gamemaster Month logo

New Gamemaster Month is drawing to an end, and this weekend scores or hundreds of gamers will graduate from prospective to full-fledged GMs as they run their very first games! If you’re an experienced gamemaster, or just like supporting people as they delve into something they’ve always wanted to do, why not drop in on the New Gamemaster Month Facebook page or Discord server and offer a little virtual applause?

And if you’re one of those new GMs, welcome to the world of gamemastering! We hope you love it, and we’re glad to have you among us!

  • Monte loves this is wonderfully comprehensive and extremely well-researched Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction. It covers a lot of terminology, including detailed history and etymology of each term. Ever wonder where the word “filk” came from, or where the term “hyperdrive” was first used in science fiction (1946, it turns out!)?
  • Shanna recently shared this video on GMing with passive players. I have a fairly passive player in my campaign, so I found it really useful. (An important note: “passive” doesn’t necessarily mean disengaged or not having fun.) Bonus: it includes a recommendation to the essay Shanna wrote on helping shy/passive players in the Kobold Guide to Gamemastering!
  • Tammie recently discovered the Hero’s Journal, which at first glance looks like a journal for RPG campaign notes, but it isn’t! Instead, it is a 90-day productivity journal designed to help transform real goals into extraordinary quests—what a cool concept!
  • John Rateliff, Tolkien scholar, long-time D&D editor, Cthulhu gamemaster extraordinaire, and friend, was a recent guest of The Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic and the Games and Gaming Lab at the University of Glasgow as they presented “D&D and Fantasy Fiction: Giants in the Oerth.” Watch the video and find out about the center’s quest to uncover the literary history behind D&D, how fantasy literature influenced and inspired TTRPGs, and how the relationship between fantasy literature and fantasy TTRPGs developed over time.
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