Cypher Chronicles, vol. 46-2018

We’re bringing you a visual tour of PAX Unplugged in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!


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A Visual Tour of PAX Unplugged

Darcy and I were at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia last weekend. This new show (last year was its first) has grown quickly, and is probably now only second to Gen Con as the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America. We had a great time and introduced Numenera, the Cypher System, No Thank You, Evil!, and Invisible Sun to hundreds of new gamers. Here are a few moments from the con!

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The MCG booth was hopping all weekend long. Here we enjoy a visit from Amy Dallen and Gina DeVivo, stars of Geek & Sundry’s Callisto 6 Cypher System stream.


Interest in Invisible Sun was at an almost fever pitch. Unfortunately, we had just one copy with us—and that was just for display.


Audry Kisilewicz made this incredible Invisible Sun candy for us. She created candy molds from her sun medallion set. (She also ran awesome games at our demo table.)


We got to spend some quality time with quality people. Here we’re at dinner with Jen and James Walls. James wrote a great blog post about his PAX Unplugged adventures.


The final day was drizzly and gray, giving the city a bit of a cyberpunk feel. Our friend Hal Mangold, from Green Ronin Publishing, shot this incredible photo of the streets outside the convention center.


Philly is chock full of gaming inspiration in surprising places. Here’s the hulk of the ocean liner SS United States, rusting at a pier across the street from IKEA. If you’ve ever wanted to set an adventure on a ghost ship, look no further!
Charles Ryan
Charles Ryan

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