Cypher Chronicles, vol. 5-2018

Iadace and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

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An Awesome New Resource: The Cypher Guide Is Live

With well over 100 mutually compatible titles now out for Numenera, The Strange, and the Cypher System, finding a specific game element—a cypher, descriptor, or focus, for example—can be a challenge. The Cypher Guide is a mammoth online resource that collates info from across the entire Cypher System. It’s a giant index of every cypher, artifact, descriptor, focus, type, product, and more, with a brief description and book page reference for each. (So far we’ve rolled in the corebooks and several larger supplements; all MCG titles will be added over the next couple of months.) This free resource is super handy for gamers planning adventures or building characters. It even has filterable random generators for cyphers and characters. Have a look, and explore a bit—you can find it at

New GMs Are Running Their Games This Weekend

The New Gamemaster Month program finished its final step yesterday, and all over the world gamers who have taken part in the program are gearing up to run their first games this weekend! If you’re an experienced GM, or just a gamer who appreciates the value of taking that plunge, drop by the New Gamemaster Month Facebook page and give them a little encouragement!


  • Who knew scientists could be so funny? Their Amazon reviews of common items used for decidedly uncommon purposes certainly are!
  • Weather-related spontaneous poetry: Let’s face it, you just can’t get enough, amiright? The Beaufort Scale of wind speeds reads like poetry—read down the Land Effects column for the best of it.

A playmat? For a roleplaying game?

In the Cypher System, players roll all the dice. And there aren’t a great many tables or charts a GM needs to reference during play, so hiding them behind a GM screen isn’t particularly useful.

The beautiful Cypher System playmat puts handy information out where everyone can reference it, and the pleasant fabric surface with non-slip rubberized backing gives you a great die-rolling surface. It’s well-sized at 18″ x 22″, large enough to show off its art and information nicely, but not too big for modestly sized gaming tables. The beautiful cover art creates a pleasant focal point at your gaming table.

The venerable GM screen may be more commonly expected than a playmat, but for the Cypher System the playmat really makes more sense. And the Cypher System playmat is a gorgeous and useful centerpiece for your Cypher System game!

(Oh, and you can also get playmats for Numenera and The Strange!)

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