Cypher Chronicles, vol. 6-2017

Iadace and welcome to Cypher Chronicles!

MCG News

  • If you’ve picked up Into the Outside, or checked out the free preview, you’re probably overwhelmed with weird and cool ideas for where your Numenera game might go next. But running an adventure in a realm of pure thought, or a reality made only of sound, can be tricky. This week we released the companion glimmer, In Alternate Dimensions, that makes GMing transdimensional adventures a bit easier. Among other things, you get 100 transdimensional GM intrusions—and let’s face it, who can’t use a few more intrusion ideas?
  • This starts Monday. Do we really need to say more?

  • MCG’s Shanna Germain contributed a guest post to The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a podcast and blog about the sci-fi and fantasy genres. In it, she talks about the role of grief in writing, and the impact of her personal experiences with grief during (and its effects on) the writing of The Poison Eater.
  • And speaking of Shanna (who’s been very busy lately!), Lone Shark Games recently offered a sneak peek at some of the flavor text she’s written for their forthcoming Numenera board/card game, The Ninth World. They also gave us a look at a couple of pieces of art for the game. There’s more at the link—check it out!
Crowd City. Illustration by Luke Green.

Get Inspired

  • Looking for a few pieces of great art, maybe to illustrate your next adventure? How about 35,000 pieces? The New York Metropolitan Museum has digitized and released 35,000 pieces, and they’re available for free!
  • What does a dying star smell like? Rotten eggs, it would seem. The Hubble space telescope recently captured the explosive death of a star—and got a whiff of its smell, too!


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Charles Ryan
Charles Ryan

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