Cypher Chronicles, vol. 9-2021

Bioluminescent beasties of the briny below, the house that can’t wait to meet you, games that leave you with something to remember them by, and hey— would you like to go to Ptolus? This week’s Cypher Chronicles is BURSTING with amazing news!

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Graphic header: News from MCG

The Darkest House revealed!

Image of The Darkest House (a haunted, evil, hungry house).

The wait is over and now the suspense begins. We have been teasing The Darkest House for weeks, and its reveal earlier this week was met with so much excitement! (We apologize if we scared any of you with our ForeverHome emails.)

The Darkest House will be unlike anything we’ve done: a TTRPG experience capable of being inserted into any campaign or setting, fully optimized for online play over Zoom, Discord, or your preferred VTT. Think of it like an RPG book that’s been reimagined from the ground up for the online environment, with pages formatted for your screen, easily-sharable resources, no page-flipping, intuitive navigation, and additional features that don’t just make online gaming easier—they take advantage of its unique nature to deliver a better RPG experience.

Take a peek behind the doors at and sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live on March 16th!

Ptolus on the Horizon!

Image of RockPunchAlt Twitch channel showcasing the Ptolus livestream mini series event to be streamed every Friday between March 12th and April 9th. Image shows photos of the GM and cast members over a Ptolus illustration.

We are fine tuning Ptolus at a swift pace to get it into your hands (soon!), but while you wait, we’ve teamed up with Twitch channel RockPunchATL to bring you a four-part series set in the City by the Spire beginning next Friday! Join GM Jeffrey Baker and players Jacob Plicque, Ashley Fletcher, Mark Meer, and MCG’s very own LaTia Jacquise (that’s me!) as they give us our first look at the iconic city in 5th Edition!

GM Jeffrey Baker, who was a player in a multi-year Ptolus campaign when it was first released back in 2006, has this to say about the adventure he’s cooked up:

“It takes unconventional allies to be mad enough to plunder the depths of The Dungeon. Good thing the city of Ptolus is nothing but unconventional.

A newly formed group of Delvers is given a key to one of the strange and untouched doors left behind by the once powerful being known as Ghul. Do they go for the chance to unearth ancient treasure? Perhaps for fame or for a lark? Or the most important reason of all, to save an ally in need?

Their path will take them from the depths of the Unwanted to the heights of the noble elite. They will clash with both the good and the evil as they uncover secrets best left forgotten. Secrets that will take them ever closer to the haunting enigma of The Spire.”

We cannot wait to see the story they tell! Be sure to tune in!

Graphic header: Inspiration
Image shows two views of the same shark. Image one is how the shark appears under normal lighting. Image two shows the shark glowing with bioluminescence.

GLOW IN THE DARK SHARKS! In January of last year, scientists discovered several species of shark off the coast of New Zealand with bioluminescent bellies! They say they think their glowy undersides may help hide them from predators from the depths. Pretty cool stuff!

Graphic header: Recommendations

From Charles: Coyote and Crow is a science fantasy RPG set in an alternate North America that was never colonized by the Europeans. The design team is Native American led, and it’s clear just from the Kickstarter page how they’ve brought a different perspective to the setting and game design. I can’t wait to see their complete vision for this world when the full game is out!

Image shows an illustration from the Coyote and Crow Kickstarter.
Image from A Mending Kickstarter, which shows a needlepoint project in process.

From LaTia (me again!): A Mending by Shing Yin Khor is another offering in their line up of keepsake games, games that “produce beautiful, memorable artifacts, through the process of playing the game,” in Shing’s own words.

Our friends at Kobold Press have an all-star lineup of guest designers for their Vault of Magic Kickstarter, a compendium of magic items, magnificent treasures, and heroic and villainous options for 5th Edition, including our very own Shanna Germain!

Image from the Vault of Magic Kickstarter, which shows two cover views of the product. One view is the standard edition, the other view is the limited edition.
Graphic header: Get Social
Image shows a tweet from Aniruddh Bose-Raut (@AgniAvis72) that says, "Reorganizing my bookshelf. It’s so pretty!! Like why is this shelf so pretty!! [three smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emojis] and is tagged #TableTopRPG #CypherSystem 

The image is a "shelfie," a photo of @AgniAvis72's colorful books from Monte Cook Games.
Image shows tweet from @SpeedKnob that says, "@MonteCookGames Y'all liked the spines of my covered books, so I figures I'd show you the whole deal. Here are a few books, front and back. Front has a tryptic design and back has a huge image splash. Then it's all covered in tape so my wife can coaster it."

There are four images attached. Each shows books made by Monte Cook Games. The books are covered with white protective covers, each bearing smaller images of the cover art of the book they cover.
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