Announcing the Winners of the Recursion Design Competition!

Back in January we announced the start of a recursion design competition hosted at The Recursion Codex, a site for user-created recursions for use with The Strange. Response to the competition was tremendous—we had many dozens of submissions, most of them incredibly creative and interesting. The roster of awesome recursions available to players of The Strange has grown enormously. Thanks so much to everyone who took part!

Thanks to the hard work of our diligent judges–Russ Morrissey, Sean K Reynolds, and Ed Grabianowski–we’re ready to unveil the winners! As a reminder, the criteria included completeness, presentation, creativity, and playability, and recursion had to be fully compliant with the Terms of Use for The Recursion Codex to be eligible. The judging was difficult. As Ed put it: “The Recursion Codex is packed with amazing worlds to adventure in, so this was a tough choice to make. The winner and both runners up are really creative ideas, and the designers made sure to fill them with plenty of story hooks and interesting locations for The Strange players to have fun with.”

But enough preamble: You’re really here to find out which recursions won. Here they are:

The Lost Lands will be adapted by Bruce Cordell into the forthcoming Worlds Numberless and Strange, to be released this summer. (Bruce will probably jump into it in the next few days–the book is headed into the editing process, but we kept a little space free for this winner!) Darren will receive a copy of the book autographed by the entire MCG staff, along with a $25 gift certificate to the MCG store. Filbanto and Andrew will also receive $25 gift certificates.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the authors of the many great recursions that have been posted to The Recursion Codex.

And congratulations to you, fans of The Strange: There are now over five dozen really cool recursions on The Recursion Codex, free and available for use in your campaign right now! If you love awesome, inspiring ideas–or just need a cool recursion for your next adventure in The Strange–be sure to check out the winners and all the other recursions on The Recursion Codex!

Charles Ryan

Charles M. Ryan has written or contributed to titles in nearly every class of tabletop game—board games, card games, trading card games, miniature games, and roleplaying games—over a 20-year career in the game industry. He has also served as the global brand manager for Dungeons & Dragons and headed up the marketing department at the UK’s Esdevium Games, one of the world’s largest game distributors. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Monte Cook Games.