Cypher Chronicles, vol. 4-2015

Iadace and welcome to this week’s edition of The Cypher Chronicles! We are hard at work on the Numenera Boxed Set, the PDF of The Ninth World Guidebook, a new surprise for the Recursion Codex, planning our adventures for Gen Con (SO early!), and much, much more.



  •  The Ninth World Guidebook comes out in just over week! We were just looking at the proofing copy we got from the printer, and realized that in many ways, it’s just as much an art book as it is a gaming supplement. The amount of art and maps in this book is absolutely over the top (and we love it that way). Here’s another sample spread of this incredible book:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.25.38 AM


  • In Translation: The Strange Character Options is just about to go off to press. It’s full of all kinds of character ideas to use in a whole lot of different recursions. Want to play a character who Aspires to be Posthuman? Grows to Towering Heights? Is Idolized by Millions? We’ve got you covered. (As always, many of the character options in this book will also work with Numenera).

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.20.40 AM


  • We’re hard at work on the Numenera Boxed Set too. So far, we’ve nailed down the dice, the cards, the books, the poster maps, the cloth map, the art print, the pencil, the dice bag, and oh my god, many of the other pieces that are going into this giant box o’ Numenera stuff. It’s going to be crazy-beautiful. Here’s another cover, from the uber-talented Kieran Yanner:



  • Also: The Numenera film. I bet you thought we forgot, didn’t you? Heck no. We promised a film if we made it to $500,000 on the Numenera Kickstarter, and we’ve been working hard on making this thing happen. After a few false starts last year–we really, really wanted to find a company to work with who “got” Numenera–things are moving forward. We can’t reveal very much yet, but let me tell you this: we recently watched the teaser and got to see the movie poster and OH MY GOD. We are so incredibly excited about the possibilities right now. So keep an eye out, as we’ll be revealing more on this as we can!



  • NaNewGaMo—(Inter) National New Gamemasters Month—is still rocking and rolling! Learn how to go from being a player to being a GM throughout the month of January. We started the program at the beginning of the week, but it’s never too late join in!
  • Have you checked out the Recursion Codex lately? We’re planning something exciting for it. Check back on Monday to get the details!






I can’t tell you what this amazing piece, called “Sealed Door,” is from because we haven’t officially announced it yet. But let me say that this book is going to blow your mind. Promise. (Art by Guido Kuip).




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Shanna Germain

Over a 20-year career, Shanna Germain has penned six books, hundreds of short stories, and myriad other works, along the way garnering a Pushcart nomination, the C. Hamilton Bailey Poetry Fellowship, and the Utne Reader award for Best New Publication. At Monte Cook Games she has contributed to dozens of products and was lead designer for No Thank You, Evil!. She is a cofounder of the company, and our Creative Director.