Cypher System Rulebook Bundle



Jump into the Cypher System with a great deal on three Cypher System essentials! Get the Cypher System Rulebook in print, a set of Cypher System dice, and the Cypher System XP Deck, all at a very nice savings.

The Cypher System XP Deck gives you a set of tangible tokens to represent experience points. This 30-card deck is a simple but useful tool at the game table.

Specially crafted by Q-Workshop, makers of the world’s coolest gaming dice, the set of four Cypher System dice is designed specifically for use with the Cypher System. They bear the Cypher System symbol on the highest-numbered face of each die, and the d20 includes special markings on the 17, 18, and 19 faces making it easy to identify those special effect results. The set consists of one d20, one d6, and a pair of d10s, one numbered in ones and the other in tens (for generating percentile results).

And, of course, the Cypher System Rulebook adapts the Cypher System—the critically acclaimed, award-winning rules set that drives Numenera and The Strange—to an unlimited range of campaigns and genres, giving you the complete rules set (along with dozens of optional and genre-specific rules) and hundreds of character options, creatures, cyphers, and other resources. It’s everything you need to play virtually any game using the Cypher System rules.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in