Where Can You Get This Box Come April

You may have heard we have a nifty Kickstarter going on: We’re funding the publication of a boxed set version of the Numenera core rules. It’s going incredibly well, and we’re really happy that the campaign’s many stretch goals have let us add some really cool upgrades to the RELIQUARY level of the boxed set.


But maybe you can’t afford to get in on this short campaign right now. Or maybe you’re reading this a week or so after I’ve written it, and the campaign is over. Or maybe you’ve backed, but you couldn’t talk your friends into checking it out in time. This is an exclusive item–it’s not going to be available through normal channels. Where, come April, can someone get the boxed set if they didn’t back the Kickstarter campaign?

Well, at your FLGS–if they’re smart. We have a retail backer level that lets retailers order a batch of the STRONGBOX boxed sets at a retail-appropriate discount. (To clarify quickly: This reward is only open to actual brick-and-mortar retailers. We’re checking!)

In April we’ll ship the boxed sets to our backers, and I guarantee you people will be talking about them. Gushing, if we do our jobs right (and we usually do!). And I also guarantee there will be loads of gamers who didn’t back the campaign–or didn’t even hear about  it in time–who find themselves wishing they had. As well as the Kickstarter campaign is going, there are only a thousandish backers–which leaves a few tens of thousands of Numenera players who aren’t backing it.

Those retailers who joined in will sell through their boxed sets in days. Hours, maybe. We’re going to help them out–when folks come asking us how they can get a box, we’ll send them to the retail backers. It’ll be a great way for gamers in those communities–the vast majority of whom probably don’t spend any time on Kickstarter at all!–to get a shot at a boxed set. And a great way for those retailers to support and further build their Numenera player base.

Mention it to your FLGS. Or, if you’re a retailer reading this, have a look at the Kickstarter. But don’t dawdle–the campaign ends on Friday!

Charles Ryan

Charles M. Ryan has written or contributed to titles in nearly every class of tabletop game—board games, card games, trading card games, miniature games, and roleplaying games—over a 20-year career in the game industry. He has also served as the global brand manager for Dungeons & Dragons and headed up the marketing department at the UK’s Esdevium Games, one of the world’s largest game distributors. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Monte Cook Games.