The Cypher Chronicles, vol. 10-17

Iadace, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Cypher Chronicles! We’ve got The Strange Dice, Numenera translations, and a sneak peek of a new map for the Ninth World Guidebook!


  • Have you read The Amber Monolith, the first piece of fiction that Monte ever wrote about Numenera? If not, you can still get it for free on our website. Or, if you’re craving more fiction, check out Tales from the Ninth World — we are writing book two in the “Tales from the Ninth World” series, so it’s a great time to get caught up. Plus, Tales features a “haunted house” story — two, actually — as only the Ninth World can provide.





  • Numenera has been translated into Italian. The game is available as a beautiful boxed set, and Monte and Shanna will be in Lucca, Italy, to celebrate the publication at the end of October. Hope you’ll come and see us at the Lucca Comics and Games convention.  You can also pre-order the Italian version here!
  • Geek Smash did an interesting article called “3 Terrific Tabletop RPGs that aren’t D&D” and picked Numenera as one of the three. (Happily, the author didn’t knock D&D in the article; these are games he likes in ADDITION to D&D).
  • If you haven’t listed to The Signal yet, now is a great time to check it out. This fan-produced podcast is full of rich storytelling, flavor, and worldbuilding. All narrated by Vaux, an Informed jack who Tells Tales.



It’s the Monte Cook Games official fall summit this week — that time of year when the entire MCG team gathers in a single place, eats all the food, plays all the games, shoots all the zombies… oh yeah, and does a whole ton of creative brainstorming, business planning, and more. Check back next week for a blog post all about the experience — including pictures of our team taking out some zombies with paintball guns. We hope.

In the meantime, here’s some pretty for you: A first look at just a small part of what lies beneath The Southern Wall. Enjoy!




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