Vote for the ENnie Awards! Cypher Chronicles, vol. 27-2019

The ENnies are one of the RPG industry’s highest awards, and the power lies within your grasp to determine the winners! Voting ends on July 21st, so don’t wait, and be sure to ask your friends to vote. To celebrate, we’re running a raffle to give away a Black Cube, or any of our ENnie-nominated products in print or PDF! In this week’s Cypher Chronicles, we also give shoutouts to some of our favorite ENnie nominations, cool RPG projects, and articles.

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We’re honored to receive nominations for 6 products across 9 categories of the ENnie Awards!

To celebrate, we’re holding a raffle for a Black Cube (or any of our nominated products) in print or PDF. Spread the word, cast your vote for the ENnies, and perhaps be a lucky winner.

There are 9 easy ways to secure your entries into this raffle!

Our nominations are:

Invisible Sun

  • Product of the Year
  • Best Setting
  • Best Art, Interior
  • Best Production Value
The Black Cube holds many, many secrets.

Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny Slipcase Set

  • Best Production Value
The attractive and sturdy slipcase comes with the two beautiful books and their poster maps, an Order of Truth medallion, and handy extras.

Numenera Ruin Deck

  • Best Aid/Accessory, Non-Digital
Generate endless ruins and adventure, in prep or on the fly!

Slaves of the Machine God

  • Best Adventure
Assassinations. Demon-worshiping abhumans. A massive army poised to sweep across the Steadfast. 144 pages of Ninth World adventure!

Cypher Play Season 18-2: Building Amber Keep

  • Best Organized Play
PCs travel into the Beyond to an Amber Gleaners waystation, but when they get there, things are not as they expect. What horrors await them?

Secrets of Silent Streets

  • Best Layout and Design
The City of Notions. The Heart of Indigo. The Center of the Real World. Secrets of Silent Streets is a great way to get a look at the amazing setting of this groundbreaking game.

While we feel so honored and pleased to be recognized for the labors of love that all these products were, a further joy is to see these nominations listed amongst a sea of other amazing industry achievements.

A few of my non-MCG favorites:

  • Companion’s Tale (Best Product) by Laura Simpson has you craft stories involving a central protagonist through the eyes of their sometimes-companions. It’s beautiful, you make a map, and it hits all sorts of Bioware game companion quest beats. I love this game and am happy to own it.
  • The Fall of DELTA GREEN (Best Setting, by Kenneth Hite) is a 1960’s investigative Lovecraftian horror game with some of the most evocative layout and page design that I’ve ever seen. You need to take a look at these pages!
  • She’s a Super Geek (Best Podcast) is a podcast that has been one of my all-time favorites for years—a rotating cast of women GM one-shots on this delightful actual play by some amazing core hosts: Senda and Andi.

And the list goes on.

ENnie Award winners will be announced at the ceremony at Gen Con, but we hope you’ll vote and spread the word in the meantime.

If you’ll be attending Gen Con, come see us at our myriad events, particularly An Evening with Monte Cook Games . . . we have some really cool stuff planned that you don’t want to miss.

If you’re not going to Gen Con, join in the fun from afar by watching the streamed Guest of Honor talks with Shanna Germain and Monte Cook.

In the meantime, go shape the industry, you powerful voters!

Vote for your favorite products, podcasts, and more at the 2019 ENnies Award voting page. Voting closes on July 21st—don’t miss out.

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