Dread Expectations

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Face the Most Feared Supervillain of Our Age!

Doctor Dread is widely considered the most fearsome supervillain currently in operation. She’s a master of social and media manipulation, but whether it’s targeting the East Coast with her solar cannon or freezing the mayor’s family in liquid nitrogen, she’s followed through on her myriad extortion schemes often enough—and horribly enough—to prove they’re not hollow threats.

So when her Dread Corps commandos assault the New York Museum of Art to steal a 3,000-year-old mummy, it’s up to your superhero team to stop her. But is the mummy, with its rumored mystical properties, really what Doctor Dread wants—or does she have something even bigger in mind?

Dread Expectations is a superpowered Instant Adventure for the Cypher System. Skip the prep and get right to playing: The innovative Instant Adventure format makes prepping for an RPG no more difficult or time-consuming than setting up a board game. This isn’t an adventure seed or sketchy idea—it’s a complete adventure in a unique format that requires minimal prep.

Note: The total page count of 20 pages includes the 6-page Instant Adventure, plus show ’em illustrations and 6 double-sided pre-generated characters.

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