Our Core Values

Our core values at MCG have always included acceptance and inclusion. In our products, in the events we support, and in the gaming spaces we strive to create, we welcome people from all walks of life, all genders and orientations, all religions and cultures, and all ethnicities. We support the civil liberties of all people, and manifest that support in our own small way: through the fun and imagination of games. But now we find that we must add to those core values. We must add truth.

Although fantasy is our business, we recognize that we can’t be good stewards of that business if we make decisions based on fantasy. Our employees, our families, our Kickstarter backers, our fans, and our future all depend on vision and aspiration built upon a foundation of fact. To this end, we look to leadership that bases its decisions on facts and the sharing of information, and if that leadership is not available, we will step up our efforts to champion the cause ourselves. To deliver the products we promise, and continue to be true to our core values, we can’t tolerate playing fast and loose with reality. We will do our best to promote acceptance, inclusion, and truth in all aspects of our business, and we will work for these values in our community.

Monte Cook
Shanna Germain
Charles Ryan
Owners, Monte Cook Games, LLC

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