I'm a Guide
November 2017

Ready to run your own adventures? Easy-to-follow instructions help kids run a simple adventure, learning along the way so they can go on to run more advanced stories, or even make up their own—and achieve a wild success at being a Guide! Plus character standups, a story book, and an activity book.

November 2017

The masks offer power—or is it madness? This 192-page sourcebook details a Cypher System superhero setting enfused with psychological horror. Young, disaffected, and possibly disturbed individuals are compelled to don masks that grant amazing abilities. But what’s the story behind the story? Requires the Cypher System Rulebook.

Cypher System Creature Deck
December 2017

Build encounters quickly and easily, or create them randomly on the fly. Then give your players a look at their foes before plunging into combat. A 100-card deck with creature stats and artwork to use in preparing and running Cypher System games of any genre.

Invisible Sun
March 2018

Do you think you live in the real world? This world you see around you is Shadow. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and Satyrine, the city under the Indigo Sun. You are a vislae, a wielder of fabulous powers and capabilities, a shaper of reality itself. Invisible Sun is a game of surreal fantasy, secrets, and magic that is truly magical. Wield fabulous powers as you uncover the secrets of reality itself.