Numenera XP Deck

This beautiful new XP Deck for Numenera will make you hesitate to spend your XP! Each of the 30 cards features a different piece of stunning artwork—and they’re double-sided, so it’s 60 images in all. Grant, track, and trade XP while enjoying the beauty and inspiration of the Ninth World.

Numenera Playmat

In Numenera, players roll all the dice. And there aren’t a great many tables or charts a GM needs to reference during play. So tear down the barrier between GM and player. This playmat is great die rolling surface and beautiful centerpiece on your Numenera gaming table—that also puts key game information for players and GMs out where everyone can easily see it.

The Nightside

Some who call upon this forbidden tome will undoubtedly be seen as villains, but though its use is risky, it is not inherently without benefit. Those willing to accept that risk will find new fortes, new patrons, dozens of magical practices—minor and long-form—and Nightside locations and characters. And, of course, many secrets of the Nightside Path.

Arcana of the Ancients

Bring the wonders of mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy elements to your traditional 5E fantasy campaign with this gorgeously illustrated hardcover sourcebook. Designed by Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds, all of whom have years of professional design experience working on the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

Voices of the Datasphere

Open up a whole new aspect of Numenera gameplay, and new discover treasures, knowledge, and challenges as you enter and explore the datasphere itself. This strange metaspace is the remnant of multiple ancient alien data networks, some damaged, incomplete, or aged or evolved past their original purpose.

The Threshold

A story-heavy hardcover sourcebook filled with secrets and spells related to the mysterious Labyrinth, one of the greatest mysteries of the Actuality.

We Are All Mad Here

The world of twisted stories awaits. Fairy tales and unique worlds are covered in this hefty hardcover sourcebook for the Cypher System. Includes rules, creatures, artifacts and cyphers, magic, and inspiration, plus a complete and ready-to-use campaign setting.

Numenera Character Standups

Dozens and dozens of high quality, 28 mm, full color characters and creatures, printed on double-sided die-cut board stock— ready for use on your game table. It’s like a big collection of minis—but without the painting!

Beneath the Monolith

A hefty standalone hardcover that introduces the Ninth World as a complete campaign setting for 5e. A billion years in the future, strange NPCs, mysterious organizations, and feuding nations interact amid the unique landscape formed by remnants of multiple past civilizations and their weird “magic.”

Liminal Shore

An entire new region of the Ninth World! Who lives there? What wonders do they command? What secrets of the prior worlds have they uncovered, and what cyphers and artifacts exist in this strange place? New creatures, new NPCs, and new adventures for your Numenera campaign. Be the first to explore a whole new land!


A fantasy hardcover sourcebook and complete setting all in one. You’ll find rules and guidance for running a Cypher System fantasy campaign, characters and creatures to use in your game, and an entire, ready-to-use fantasy setting. Includes a double-sized poster map!