Asset Deck
January 2017

This 100-card deck offers a new dimension of play to any Cypher System game. The GM awards asset cards to players for excellent play, and the cards can be used to enhance abilities and change outcomes. This puts more narrative power in the hands of the players and enhances the fun of the whole group!

NPC Deck
January 2017

A 100-card deck that helps you quickly generate interesting and memorable NPCs during game prep or on the fly. Just draw a card, and get appearance, name, personal details, skills and abilities, and maybe even some distincive equipment—everything you need to give a sense of life and differentiation to an NPC.

The Poison Eater
January 2017

The first official Numenera novel and the flagship book of the MCG fiction line, by Shanna Germain.

Into the Outside
February 2017

The denizens of the prior worlds bent time and space to their liking, creating links to realms outside the normal world. This 160-page hardcover book takes us into these other existences, exploring pocket dimensions, the realms of ultraterrestrials, and parallel universes.

Story, Please!
March 2017

Build your own adventures with this 100-card deck for No Thank You, Evil! Pick or draw Story, People, Place, and Twist cards to build your story, then flesh it out with maps, handouts, and stuff.

Myth of the Maker
Spring 2017

This hardcover novel by Bruce Cordell delves into the origins of the land of Ardeyn and the Strange itself!

Expanded Worlds
Spring 2017

This 160-page rulebook offers more character options, setting guidelines, creatures, and artifacts for the Cypher System. Take your game into uncharted waters of new genres with even more possibilities!

Ninth World Bestiary 2
Spring 2017

New threats and challenges for the Ninth World! A 192-page hardcover featuring more than 100 all-new creatures for use in your Numenera campaign.

Numenera Creature Deck 2
Spring 2017

A 100-card deck full of creatures from the Ninth World. Drawing on various Numenera titles, this deck puts creature stats at your fingertips.

Uh-Oh, Monsters!
Spring 2017

An adventure expansion for No Thank You, Evil! A monster book, an adventure book, creature cards, and creature standups.

Summer 2017

Marooned in time! This 192-page sourcebook details a Cypher System science fiction setting where time travelers in the Cretaceous use bioengineered dinosaurs and high technology to survive. But the asteroid we all know wiped out the dinosaurs is on its way! Requires the Cypher System Rulebook.

Autumn 2017

The masks offer power—or is it madness? This 192-page sourcebook details a Cypher System superhero setting enfused with psychological horror. Young, disaffected, and possibly disturbed individuals are compelled to don masks that grant amazing abilities. But what’s the story behind the story? Requires the Cypher System Rulebook.

The Night Clave
Autumn 2017

Fiction from the Ninth World by Numenera and Cypher System creator Monte Cook.

Cypher System Creature Deck
Late 2017

A 100-card deck with creature stats and artwork to use in preparing and running Cypher System games of any genre.

The Future
Late 2017 and Beyond

We’re always looking forward, thinking about the great games and products for Numenera, the Cypher System, No Thank You, Evil!, and all our worlds (plus new ones) we’d like to bring you!