Cypher Play Season 18-2
October 1 – December 2018

Cypher Play is the in-store play program for Numenera and the Cypher System. Join us at your friendly local game store for season 18-2, which launches along with the release of Numenera Discovery and Destiny!

Numenera Discovery and Destiny
October 2018

Explore the ruins of aeons past to gather amazing treasures and help build a new future for a world struggling in darkness. Numenera Discovery revises the original Numenera corebook with streamlined rules, loads of new character options, new adventures, and more. Numenera Destiny is a second corebook focused on building a better future for the Ninth World. Both are compatible with all existing supplements. Available as individual 416-page hardcovers or together in a beautiful slipcase with extra content and a handsome Order of Truth medallion.

Numenera Player's Guide
October 2018

Create characters, explore the setting, and learn the basic rules in this inexpensive second copy of key rules and setting material. This 64-page softcover is perfect for getting a taste of the game, for having an extra rules and setting reference on hand at the gaming table, or for game masters to hand to new players.

Vislae Kit
October 2018

A player companion to Invisible Sun, with everything a player may want: dice, a Sooth Deck, a grimoire pad, character tomes, tokens, and more. The Black Cube contains everything a full gaming group needs to play a complete campaign—but sometimes the players want their own stuff, and even GMs may want extra copies of character tomes, grimoires, and other consumable Invisible Sun components.

Building Tomorrow
October 2018

Installations and items to build, allies to recruit for your Ninth World community, and sample communities to build from—and more challenges to face. A 192-page hardcover sourcebook—with a poster map—that expands on the community-related content introduced in Numenera Destiny.

Numenera Ruin Deck
November 2018

When the characters start plumbing the depths of a prior-world ruin, the GM needs as much help as they can get. This deck allows GMs to generate an exciting, vivid and—of course, since it’s Numenera—weird set of ruins to explore. Limitless adventures in one deck of cards.

Sooth Deck
Late 2018

What do the cards tell you, wise vislae? Through them, do you see beyond what others dismiss as mere chance? Do they tell you of the past, the present, and the future? Do they help you navigate the worlds along the Path of Suns? The Sooth Deck is included in Invisible Sun, but a second copy can be useful in development mode play or as a handy extra. The cards guide play through specific mechanics, and their darkly surreal imagery suggests a variety of meanings, interpretations, interconnections, and inspirations.

Book M
Late 2018

Even its name is a secret. Some say the name comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation. M is the 13th and most powerful. Others, however, say that the title refers to the original writer of the book, while still others say it means mystery, or—perhaps most simply and obviously—magic. Regardless, Book M is a hardcover sourcebook on magic, with new spells, ephemera, artifacts, and much more. Comes with a deck of over 100 new cards!

Secrets of Silent Streets
Early 2019

A hardcover book on the strange and wondrous city of Satyrine, full of details, insights, story arcs, and other content for your campaign.

The Teratology
Early 2019

There are many creatures cataloged within the Black Cube, but the Actuality is a big place. Every day, new entities and surreal beasts are discovered by explorers, conjurers, and other (often unfortunate) individuals. Taramoc Eslin, famed trailblazer, has compiled not just another bestiary, but the bestiary—that she calls The Teratology.