Cypher Play Season 19-1

The organized play program for Numenera, played in game stores to build a community of active gamers. If you’re interested in trying out Numenera for the first time, keen to find new Numenera players in your area, or just want to get in a bit more Ninth World gaming, ask your FLGS if they’re running Cypher Play!

Sooth Deck
Early 2019

What do the cards tell you, wise vislae? Through them, do you see beyond what others dismiss as mere chance? Do they tell you of the past, the present, and the future? Do they help you navigate the worlds along the Path of Suns? The Sooth Deck is included in Invisible Sun, but a second copy can be useful in development mode play or as a handy extra. The cards guide play through specific mechanics, and their darkly surreal imagery suggests a variety of meanings, interpretations, interconnections, and inspirations.

Secrets of Silent Streets

The City of Notions. The Heart of Indigo. The Center of Real World. Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isn’t one city but many. Fartown, the Marquis Quarter, the Strangeglass District, the Hollows, and the vast abandoned stretches—all offer different experiences and moods as well as unique landmarks, resources, denizens, and dangers. Travel the seventeen districts of Satyrine, each detailed through dozens of points of interest and illuminated through its own unique atmosphere, social expectations, and traditions.

Slaves of the Machine God

An automaton army led by a mad delve could topple cities, nations, and even the Amber Papacy itself. Elsewhere, an Amber Gleaners waystation is found burned and deserted. Slaves of the Machine Gods contains two story arcs in eight parts each. They interweave to create a rich, multi- themed campaign—or can be run separately as two multi-adventure mini-campaigns. Most of the parts also work well as standalone adventures, providing a dozen full-sized adventures the GM can insert into any ongoing campaign.

Book M

Even its name is a secret. Some say the name comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation. M is the 13th and most powerful. Others, however, say that the title refers to the original writer of the book, while still others say it means mystery, or—perhaps most simply and obviously—magic. Regardless, Book M is a hardcover sourcebook on magic, with new spells, ephemera, artifacts, and much more. Comes with a deck of over 100 new cards!


There are many creatures cataloged within the Black Cube, but the Actuality is a big place. Every day, new entities and surreal beasts are discovered by explorers, conjurers, and other (often unfortunate) individuals. Taramoc Eslin, famed trailblazer, has compiled not just another bestiary, but the bestiary—that she calls the Teratology.

Ninth World Bestiary 3

More weird, wondrous—and generally dangerous—creatures to populate the Ninth World. This 192-page hardcover features over 130 new creatures perfect as threats for your growing clave, or general encounters in the wilds of the Steadfast, the Beyond, or beyond the Beyond. With encounter tables that include creatures from the new corebooks and all three bestiaries, and loads of other handy features.

Numenera Creature Deck 3

This 100-card deck offers a selection of creatures from the Ninth World Bestiary 3 and other sources so that you can easily reference them at the table in a handy format. Pull out just the creatures you need for the session, or even generate encounters on the fly with the pull of a random card. Fully compatible with Creature Decks 1 and 2, plus the Creature Deck Expansion.

Tomorrow's Bones

Ancient ruins, strange ships, weird creatures, and Jaekel pirates all spell a Ninth World high-seas adventure with a Numenera twist in this deluxe hardcover novel