Tomorrow's Bones

Ancient ruins, strange ships, weird creatures, and Jaekel pirates all spell a Ninth World high-seas adventure with a Numenera twist in this deluxe hardcover novel.

Numenera Deck Box

The many Numenera creature, cypher, artifact, ruin, and salvage decks are incredibly handy during game prep and at the table—but managing them can be a challenge. This box stores and organizes all your Numenera decks—and then some. If fits neatly on your game shelf alongside your RPG books, and has a small footprint at the game table.

Enchiridion of the Path

A tour of the eight (no, nine) realms that comprise the Actuality, written from the perspective of experienced and powerful vislae who have walked the Path of Suns. This book includes new locations, NPCs, challenges, creatures, and stories, all wrapped up in an innovative high-end presentation.

Subtle Cypher Deck

Cyphers are central to the Cypher System, but physical items with unusual, one-time capabilities don’t fit every campaign setting. Subtle cyphers are brief abilities, inspirations, and moments of extreme luck that come to your character without physical manifestation. This 100-card deck generates them quickly and easily, with all the necessary text right on the card.

The Stars Are Fire

Space opera, hard sci-fi, near-future or far, delve into the realms of science fiction in this hefty hardcover that provides rules, suggestions, character options, and ideas for Cypher System sci-fi games. It also includes technology, creatures, characters, starships, and more—plus an entire brand new science-fiction setting, complete and ready to use.

Stay Alive!

Bring all things horror to your game! This hefty hardcover explores the many subgenres of horror, from slasher to classic vampire and zombie apocalypse to Lovecraftian, with new creatures, cyphers and artifacts, rules, character options, and ideas. It also includes an entire horror campaign setting.

The Nightside

Some who call upon this forbidden tome will undoubtedly be seen as villains, but though its use is risky, it is not inherently without benefit. Those willing to accept that risk will find new fortes, new patrons, dozens of magical practices—minor and long-form—and Nightside locations and characters. And, of course, many secrets of the Nightside Path.

Arcana of the Ancients

Bring the wonders of mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy elements to your traditional 5E fantasy campaign with this gorgeously illustrated hardcover sourcebook. Designed by Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds, all of whom have years of professional design experience working on the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

The Threshold

A story-heavy hardcover sourcebook filled with secrets and spells related to the mysterious Labyrinth, one of the greatest mysteries of the Actuality.

Voices of the Dataspher

Open up a whole new aspect of Numenera gameplay, and new discover treasures, knowledge, and challenges as you enter and explore the datasphere itself. This strange metaspace is the remnant of multiple ancient alien data networks, some damaged, incomplete, or aged or evolved past their original purpose.

We Are All Mad Here

The world of twisted stories awaits. Fairy tales and unique worlds are covered in this hefty hardcover sourcebook for the Cypher System. Includes rules, creatures, artifacts and cyphers, magic, and inspiration, plus a complete and ready-to-use campaign setting.