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Streamer Support

Are you a streamer interested in running MCG’s games on your liveplay, podcast, or other stream? We support content creators in their mission to bring amazing stories, characters, and campaigns to life. And we make it as easy to stream our games as it is to GM the Cypher System!

You don’t need any special permission from us, so long as you aren’t publishing substantial portions of our text. (If you have any doubt, look at the guidelines in our Fan Use Policy. That policy is aimed at people making things for our games, not about our games, so it doesn’t really apply to streams and liveplays. But what we allow there, in terms of using text and art, can give you a rule of thumb about what we consider safe use of our resources.)

Here are some things we can help with:

Production Resources

We’re adding content all the time, so if you don’t see support for the game you’re looking for, check back in another week or two.

You are welcome to use the MCG and game brand logos on your streams, overlays, and social media posts. BUT NOTE: If you use any MCG logo in a persistent setting (a website, blog post, article, social medial landing page—any non-transient use), you must include the text “TM Monte Cook Games, LLC.” on the same page. The text does not need to be large or prominent, but must be legible.


We offer a selection of artwork for a bunch of our brands and products. You’re welcome to show this artwork on your stream, or to use it for screen overlays and similar production graphics.

Graphic Elements

Need overlays, logos, and similar graphic items? Download pre-made overlays, backgrounds, and other screen elements, including PSDs so you can easily modify them for your needs.

Spreading the Word

We’re happy to help spread the word and help grow your audience. Tell us about your stream on our Contact Us page. In your own social media, you can help reach our fans and other interested viewers or listeners by using these hashtags:

#Adventures in the Cypher System

#The Fold









Product and Prize Support

We love supporting your stream! We can make product and prize support available on request. We can also discuss sponsorship. Our Contact Us page has more information on our requirements—reach out to us there with info about your stream!

Other Resources

Want to learn more about our games? Here are a few resources:

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