Cypher System Rules Primer

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Learn to Play the Cypher System!

Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? With the Cypher System, running any of those is as easy as running or playing The Strange or Numenera. The Cypher System is the critically acclaimed, award-winning game engine that easily adapts to an unlimited range of genres. It’s fast, narrative-focused, and super easy to prep for and GM. Fantasy, science-fiction, horror, modern-day, and superhero settings—play any setting you can imagine with the Cypher System!

The Cypher System Rules Primer gives you a quick but complete overview of the Cypher System rules, to learn, teach, or simply have handy for quick references. It includes a complete adventure and pregenerated characters—so you can jump right into a game. And it’s free!


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