The Asset Team

Welcome! We’re glad you are interested in joining the Asset Team!

The Asset Team is a network of outgoing, friendly gamers with the common goal of growing the MCG game community, by (among other things) bringing MCG’s games to the world through demonstrations and events at game stores, conventions, and everywhere gamers congregate, online or in person.

To join the Asset Team, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older (with rare exceptions)
  • Friendly, kind, patient, trustworthy, helpful, outgoing, organized, well-groomed, and punctual
  • Able to interact with many different personality types in a calm, friendly manner
  • Thoroughly familiar with MCG games
  • Able to access the web and email
  • And last—but not least—in love with welcoming others into the community of MCG fans!

Here are some things Asset Team members to do:

  • Seek out communities of gamers at retail stores, conventions, clubs, online, and wherever they gather
  • Arrange and run events and demos for these communities, and make themselves available for such events when those communities reach out to them
  • Conduct their events in a friendly and professional manner
  • Report applicable events, and get swag, shins, and other benefits of membership and activity
  • Recruit gamers to join the Asset Team
  • Participate in MCG’s social media to further help spread the word

The Stuff

Active Asset Team members get a bunch of benes, including:

  • A nifty package of swag to run games in style!
  • Membership in the Asset Team’s private online communities on Facebook and Discord
  • Access to Asset-Team-exclusive adventures and other resources
  • Shins, the reward for reported events. Shins can be spent on MCG products at the MCG Shop, or spent on . . .
  • Exclusive Asset Team items not available to the general public!


Shins are points you accumulate for Reportable Events. You typically accumulate 5 shins per Reportable Event, but some activities generate more. You can convert shins to MCG Shop store credit for the purchase of MCG products, including exclusive Asset Team items.

Some Legal Details

By submitting the form to join the Asset Team, the potential member agrees to the following:

The Asset Team member has no power or authority to bind Monte Cook Games, LLC, (hereafter referred to as MCG) in any way, shape, or form. Nothing in the Asset Team program shall be construed as creating a relationship such as employer-employee or principal-agent or comparable relationship between MCG and the Asset Team member.

MCG reserves the right to modify terms, conditions, policies, and practices of the Asset Team at any time without notice. MCG reserves the right to discontinue membership of any Asset Team member who does not meet the criteria for participation. Any rights or benefits of membership or earned as a member of the Asset Team cannot be assigned or otherwise transferred to any other person or entity.

MCG or the Asset Team member may terminate membership in the Asset Team at any time at will. Upon termination of membership, all privileges and benefits of membership are immediately revoked.

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