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Cypher Play Organized Play Program

Can’t get your fill of Numenera, the Cypher System, or The Strange? Looking for free adventure content, or to connect with new players in your area? Or maybe you’re a retailer looking for a free, and highly effective, way to build an MCG community around your store? Then Cypher Play, the organized play program for Numenera and the Cypher System, is for you!

Cypher Play runs in three seasons per year (January–April; May–August; and September–December), exclusively in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Each season consists of a standalone mini-campaign of six to eight sessions—and all of the content is designed and written in-house by the famed MCG design team, the same people who write and design all of our books and other products. The adventures are drop-in-drop-out friendly, so you can join in even if you missed the first sessions of a season.

When you play a Cypher Play adventure, you get a free copy of that adventure to take home with you—and free rewards if you run it for your friends. It’s an awesome way to connect with other gamers in your area, to play some Numenera and Cypher System games, and to get free adventures and other rewards!

Cypher Play seasons start in mid-January, mid-May, and mid-September. Check with retailers near you to take part!


Cypher Play is free! And it’s unique among RPG organized play programs in its laser-like focus on building communities around your store, and driving sales in your store. The program is limited to brick-and-mortar retail sites, and multiple incentives are baked into the system to encourage gamers to purchase MCG products from that retailer while their enthusiasm for the game is at its peak. The program is also designed to be particularly easy for you to run and report events. And it’s 100% free—we send you all the materials, including rewards not just for the players but also for the retailer, the organizer, and the GM. Did we mention it’s free?

For more information, visit the retailer-only Cypher Play website.

Illustration by Anton Kagoukin
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