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Online Events

Our live events, whether discussions or workshops or streamed play sessions, typically begin streamed on Twitch and then are archived more permanently on our YouTube channel. We recommend following on Twitch and subscribing on YouTube to make sure you’re kept up to date!

Ongoing Series

Your Best Game Ever

Monte Cook and friends bring you advice to have #YourBestGameEver! For every game, for every player, for every GM.

Tuesdays at 5 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Central, tune in live on MCG’s Twitch to react along and discuss concepts from the upcoming advice book on all things RPG craft, Your Best Game Ever. Videos will be uploaded to the Your Best Game Ever YouTube playlist following each episode’s premiere.

Previous Series and Events

  • Numenera: Bearing the Light – Monte Cook GMs a livestreamed campaign of Numenera featuring the new Numenera Discovery and Destiny material
  • The Raven Wants What You Have – an Invisible Sun streamed narrative by Monte Cook himself.
  • Numenera: Echoes Linger – Four Shallamas citizens are cast out after a temporal “echo” frames them for murder. Can they earn back, or take back, the right to return to their home? Monte, Shanna, Bruce, and Sean play while Darcy GMs a game filled with weird biology & science-fantasy mysteries.
  • Creative Space – Ever wonder what creators talk about when they’re outside of structured interviews? Creative Space features discussion among creative professionals covering topics near and dear to their hearts, like worldbuilding, getting creative work done, challenging yourself, writing to an audience, and more.
  • The Owl of Lysia: Prelude – a Cypher System streamed campaign in a custom setting by game master Marsie Vellan

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events scheduled.

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