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The Asset Team

Welcome! We’re glad you are interested in joining the Asset Team!

(If you’re a retailer looking for Asset Team support, or an existing Asset Team member, visit the Asset Team Hub.)

The MCG Asset Team is a network of outgoing, friendly gamers who grow the community for Monte Cook Games’s RPGs by (among other things) running games and demos at retail stores, at conventions, and online. These skilled gamemasters are the type of people you love gaming with—they bring with a positive, welcoming attitude as they demonstrate, teach, and run MCG’s games.

We support Asset Team members through the Asset Team Hub, a members-only website with loads of resources including exclusive adventures, demo materials, promo materials, art assets, and more. Members also get swag and physical benes to help them run great games.

And the rewards are even bigger than the great feeling of introducing MCG games to excited new gamers. Asset Team members earn shins for their activities, which they can convert to store credit on the MCG Shop. Plus there are dozens of Asset-Team-exclusive items—special edition products, unique items, and very cool merch—that are available only to Asset Team members.

If you love the Cypher System, No Thank You, Evil!, Numenera, or our other games like Stealing Stories for the Devil and The Devil’s Dandy Dogs—and you love introducing great games to other gamers—the Asset Team might be for you!

Here are some things Asset Team members to do:

  • Seek out communities of gamers at retail stores, conventions, clubs, online, and wherever they gather
  • Arrange and run events and demos for these communities, and make themselves available for such events when those communities reach out to them
  • Conduct their events in a friendly and professional manner
  • Report applicable events, and get swag, shins, and other benefits of membership and activity
  • Recruit gamers to join the Asset Team
  • Participate in MCG’s social media to further help spread the word

Here are some things Asset Team members get:

  • A nifty package of swag to run games in style!
  • Access to the Asset Team Hub, a site featuring exclusive adventures and other resources.
  • Membership in the Asset Team’s private online communities on Facebook and Discord
  • Shins, the reward for reported events. Shins can be spent on MCG products at the MCG Shop, or spent on . . .
  • Exclusive Asset Team items not available to the general public!

To join the Asset Team, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older (with rare exceptions)
  • Friendly, kind, patient, trustworthy, helpful, outgoing, organized, well-groomed, and punctual
  • Able to interact with many different personality types in a calm, friendly manner
  • Thoroughly familiar with MCG games
  • Able to access the web and email
  • And last—but not least—in love with welcoming others into the community of MCG fans!

Ready to get started? Sign up now!

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