In celebration of D&D’s 50th Anniversary, all 5E-compatible products are up to 50% off for a limited time.

The Cypher System is amazingly easy to GM and play—not just mechanically, but also because we’re dedicated to making products optimized for a smooth, efficient RPG experience. Use the tools on this page to help you get the most out of your Cypher System game.

Creature Index

Looking for just the right creature for your next encounter? There are so many choices—especially since everything in the Cypher System is compatible! This tool makes it easy to find the perfect creature for your needs—just choose your criteria.

Character Builder

Build a Cypher System character in minutes! This powerful tool takes you through the process quickly and efficiently—and you can store and update your character throughout your campaign. There’s even a massive library of pregens, if you need to get playing right now!

Setting Finder

Thinking about launching a new campaign, but uncertain where to start or what books would help you out? This tool walks you through choices to identify just the kind of campaign you’ll enjoy running—and the products that will make it easy to build.

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