Cypher System Creature Index

Cypher System Creature Index

Looking for just the right creature for your next encounter? There are so many choices—especially since everything in the Cypher System is compatible! This powerful tool makes it easy to find just the right creature. To use it, simply select the criteria that fit your needs. We suggest:

  1. Choose the desired level. (For best results, choose a range or two or three levels.)
  2. Choose a vibe, depending on the nature of your game. High fantasy results might not be a great fit for a space opera campaign. You can choose more than one if, for example, your modern campaign has a horror edge to it. If you don’t choose a vibe, they’re all included.
  3. Maybe filter by environment, if that’s important to your encounter. Again, you can choose one or several, and they’re all included if you don’t choose one.
  4. Same with motivation.
  5. And, finally, you can restrict it to specific books or even decks (for creatures included in decks).

The Description column gives you a short read on the creature’s general look and/or nature, to help you pick from the results. You can hit the Clear Filters button to start over.

Generally, this index includes all creatures and NPCs that have stat blocks and are not specifically connected to a particular setting. So, for example, the ratling from Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire is included, because it’s easily used in other settings. But Thorrim Kolvir, a paladin from the same book, isn’t, because he’s quite specific to that setting.

This tool is a work in progress, and we’re still in the process of adding content. We’ve started with creatures from general Cypher System products—the Cypher System Rulebook, genre books like Godforsaken and The Stars Are Fire, and setting books such as Predation and Path of the Planebreaker. Titles for Numenera and The Strange are coming soon. To see a list of the titles currently included in this index, click on the Source filter. This index includes all the creatures detailed in the titles you see there.

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