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Thanks for playing Torment: Tides of Numenera. We hope you’re loving the Ninth World!

The Numenera tabletop RPG is a game of discovery and exploration, and the Ninth World is a setting replete with mystery. The Numenera corebook is illustrated with dozens of maps covering a staggering variety of regions, cities, and settlements. Maps of the Ninth World brings these glorious maps together in a single, handy resource that’s optimized for printing, mobile viewing, and zooming in.

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The world map, the Steadfast, the Beyond, and all of the other major areas are included in the 30+ maps from the Numenera corebook by renowned fantasy cartographer Christopher West. Each map is presented both with tags and without, for use both by the GM and as player handouts. They’re presented in a high-resolution format, with one map per page, perfect for zooming in on all the little details, showing off at the gaming table, or printing!

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