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MCG Gear!

Get official Numenera, The Strange, and Cypher System T-shirts, mugs, phone and laptop skins, and more at the Monte Cook Games shop at Red Bubble.

Strut your Numenera, The Strange, or Cypher System stuff! You can get official T-shirts, mugs, phone and laptop skins, and more at the Monte Cook Games shop at Red Bubble. Check out the photo gallery above for just a sample of the available designs. We offer:

  • T-shirts in multiple designs. Available in a huge array of colors and men’s and women’s sizes!
  • Phone skins and cases.
  • Beautiful hardcover notebooks.
  • Laptop skins and sleeves.
  • Mugs.
  • Leggings.
  • And we’re adding more items on a regular basis!

Red Bubble Numenera Laptop and Mug

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