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Numenera Miniatures—Characters

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Reaper Miniatures produces some of the most awesome gaming miniatures available—including a line of really cool Numenera minis. Sculpted in amazing detail at 25mm heroic scale, all current character minis are offered in conventional pewter (though some future minis may produced in Reaper’s Bones plastic). All are beautiful, true to the Numenera vision, and a great addition to your gaming table! Painting, and in some cases assembly, is required.

Here are the currently available character miniatures (you can see photos in the image gallery above). Don’t forget to also check out the creature minis!

  • Aeon priest (pewter) [Reaper 62107]
  • Flesh and steel (pewter) [Reaper 62106]
  • Glaive (pewter) [Reaper 62101]
  • Glaive (pewter) [Reaper 62113]
  • Jack (pewter) [Reaper 62102]
  • Lattimor (pewter) [Reaper 62105]
  • Nano (pewter) [Reaper 62103]
  • Nano (pewter) [Reaper 62114]
  • Varjellen (pewter) [Reaper 62104]

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