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In Numenera, players roll all the dice. And there aren’t a great many tables or charts a GM needs to reference during play. So many gaming groups prefer an alternative to the traditional GM screen, one that removes the barrier between GM and player.

The Numenera playmat is a beautiful centerpiece on your gaming table. And it’s also practical: along the edges there’s reference info of interest to the GM and the players—things like damage track and special roll result info, task difficulty and damage from hazards tables for the GM, distance definitions, armor and weapon damage info, and other things players and GMs sometimes look up during play. It’s all there in front of you so that you can focus on your story, not on flipping through the book.

The pleasant fabric surface with non-slip rubberized backing gives you a great die-rolling surface. It’s well-sized at 24″ x 32″, large enough to show of its art and information nicely, but not too big for your gaming table. The stunning artwork by Federico Musetti really shines, showcasing the beauty and mystery of the Ninth World. The Numenera playmat is a gorgeous and useful centerpiece for your Numenera game!

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