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Old Gods of Appalachia Prop-Crafting Kit

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Make your own Old Gods of Appalachia props!

RPGs are immersive, and tangible props contribute to that immersion. An old letter that holds a clue; a newspaper clipping that introduces an adventure prompt; a business card for a mysterious NPC; a train ticket, a handbill for a theatre show or revival meeting—elements like these make the game feel real, and draw the players ever deeper into the world.

But while elements like the Old Gods of Appalachia Scrip Set and Railroad Guide really pull players into the game world, they aren’t specific to the adventures you create and run. With this kit you can create custom newspaper clippings, old letters, business cards, labels, notes, and other props and handouts specifically for your adventures.

This kit includes dozens of digital elements that make that possible, such as:

  • Templates for a variety of early or mid-century documents, including bills of sale, cards, tickets, and labels
  • Borders, frames, and other elements to create your own vintage documents
  • A variety of company logos and letterheads
  • Elements for laying out newspaper clipping or pages
  • Textures and pages that give your designs a vintage or distressed look
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