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The Van Hauten Collection: Magical Praxis

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Surely, vislae, you need no reminder of the impact Elsbeth Van Hauten has had upon the standardization and categorization of magical practices. Perhaps the first vislae to return to Satyrine following the War, Van Hauten’s academic prowess is legendary. She compiled some of the most extensive lists of minor magic, long-form magic, and secret magical lore, gathering information from libraries and the usual sources and also—rumor has it—more than a few intrusions into the houses of vislae still exiled to Shadow. Van Hauten also traveled through the length of the Path of Suns and even along the Nightside Path to compile her grimoires.

This is the fruit of her labor. Although she is long gone, her legacy of providing organized, clear, and concise lists and descriptions of so many magical praxis will forever earn her a place of reverence among vislae.

If you own Book M or The Nightside, you can easily combine their cards for spells, ephemera, incantations, and so on with those from the Black Cube, putting them all in one place. But what about the long-form and minor magics contained within those products? Wouldn’t it be handy to gather all of those together into one source? This PDF gives you exactly that: a complete encyclopedia of every minor magic, long-form magic, and secret—all in one place for easy searching and reference. It will make your Invisible Sun game experience even better!

This title duplicates content in other Invisible Sun products. Some content requires The Nightside for use.

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