Dragons. Magic wands. Singing swords and flying carpets. And above all—heroes! What fantasy worlds inspire you? The classic high fantasy …


Cypher Chronicles, 34-2020

Beasts of Flesh and Steel is coming soon to enliven your 5e gaming table! Our friends at Here Be Dragons Games have a wonderful Kickstarter offering for you. We have lots of cool streaming events coming up soon. I’ve found something cool to surprise Chas with for Christmas—and you might like it, too! All this and more, in today’s Cypher Chronicles!

Cypher Chronicles, vol. 33-2020

More great news for fans of fantasy gaming and the Cypher System. An introduction to a crafty fox and a talking clock, and a fantastic conversation about fairy tales in games. Plus a load of free resources for fans of MCG’s games—all in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!

Cypher Chronicles, vol. 32-2020

News comes on little fairy wings! Pandemonium Noir, a Cypher System-powered RPG set in the worlds of Weird Tales has just launched its Kickstarter. Next week holds the launch of a Diamond Throne Cypher System conversion Kickstarter from Here Be Dragons Games, as well as the release of We Are All Mad Here and a livestream about Fairy Tale RPGs. All this, cool science, and more in today’s Cypher Chronicles.

Cypher Chronicles, vol. 31-2020

We Are All Mad Here is on the way. We start planning for New Gamemaster Month. And we look at a couple of cool new things coming to a game table near you. All in this week’s Cypher Chronicles!

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