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Welcome To The Raven Wants What You Have

Starts: February 16, 2018

Ends: June 22, 2018

In the Invisible Sun narrative The Raven Wants What You Have, learn the secrets of the Girl From the Other Shore and follow a group of friends all across the city of Satyrine and even realms beyond. Our four characters include:

  • Seru, a Weaver who wants to craft a sword of magical glass
  • In’Kalia, a Maker who seeks the help of an organization called the Hendassa to help a friend trapped in Shadow
  • The Cicatrix, who is interested in advancing her own Order of Honed Thought
  • Savion, a Goetic who wants revenge on his wicked father who’s holed up in a demon-filled fortress beneath the Red Sun

These friends get caught up in the theft of a magical violin, break into a floating skyscraper, encounter an eternally dying god, and make their way to the realm of the Red Sun by way of a bloody and brutal competition in the Undersling. On the way, they conjure spirits and ghosts, craft their own magic items, learn arcane secrets, battle demons, and master spells and incantations that produce all manner of strange and wondrous effects. It’s a surreal and weird story full of twists and surprises—surprises for both players and GM—and you’ll get to watch it unfold right there at the table as it develops.


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