Something lurks in the wilds of the Ninth World. . .


Deep in the savage wilderness of the Ninth World lies a lonely valley, unexplored and pristine. But something stirs in this strange locale, and it could be a threat to the entire region. Do you have the courage to discover what it is? Do you have the insight to understand its true nature? Do you have the mettle to overcome it?

The 13-page adventure Into the Violet Vale was run in official GenCon 2014 Numenera events, and is ideal to use as an introduction to the game, a stand-alone scenario, or as part of an ongoing campaign. Also included are six pre-generated characters, so you have everything you need to play!

Note: The total page count of 25 pages includes the 13-page adventure, plus 6 double-sided pre-generated characters.


25-page PDF
By Monte Cook

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